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#99364 TMOA 11th Anniversary Extravaganza - 19 February 2017

Posted by Ken White on 08 February 2017 - 12:40 AM

Actually I don't know how extravaganzical it will be, since my co-hosts are now all old men, who can hardly get through more than a few hours without a nap or at least another bowl of oatmeal....it all disgusts me, but somebody has to keep them from dozing in front of a computer screen in a puddle of their own urine.


I guess that somebody is me.


We're shooting for around five hours - a sad shadow of the 24 hour shows we used to do, but considering paragraph 1 of this post, I think five hours is as much as I can ask from the over-the-hill gang.


Hour 1 will be the usual introductory, self-congratulatory BS you know and love, with Roger laughing, Monk sighing, groaning and complaining, and me trying to keep things moving forward in a semi-coherent way.


Hour 2 will be a look back, a look forward, and a look inside. I'll probably be doing much of the talking, while the others make witty comments in the chat room while catching up on Facebook or whatever...


Hours 3 and 4 will involve guests. Names to come once I've blackmailed and booked them.


Hour 5 will be our annual Oscars predictions. RPoshard will join us, he and I will talk about the movies, Monk will pop in for the couple of films he's seen, Roger will laugh and make comments based on his rich fantasy life and what he thinks about movies he hasn't seen.


And then I'll put them all back in their stasis tubes till next year.


It begins, as promised in the post title, on February 19 2017 at 2 pm Eastern, 1 pm Central, 11 am Pacific, 7 pm in the UK, 8 pm in the UK's estranged buddy, the EU, 8 am Monday in Eastern Australia, 5 am Monday in Western Australia, and other times in other places.


You can hear it all by clicking on the Radio tab at the top of the forum pages, and if you'd like to participate in the stomach-churning fun of the chat room, just leave the radio tab open in your browser or mobile phone or whatever the hell you're using and click on the chat tab. It's all so simple.


More as it becomes available - we may even do some video nonsense depending on how much time I have to figure it out in the next week or so. Or maybe not. If you are able to see them, it means that I have to see them, and I'm not sure I can handle five hours of that. But maybe.



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#99535 biz's superhero project

Posted by thebiz on 19 March 2017 - 02:44 AM

Get busy living or get busy dying.  Your Goddamned right.  So after a year of futzing around and getting lost in future apocalyptic video games and apocalyptic national affairs I think I'm back at the directors chair trying to put together a project for Harb40s Passion (mini) Competition (and hopefully more).  The focus of the comp is to create a superhero and who knows more about superheros than kids.  So I promised Kid Millions a portion of the potential winnings if he came up with a solid idea and away we went.  Since this is a competition, I'm keeping many of the details a secret but Ill try to show a screeny or two along the way and maybe meander on about the process.  
I got to say I love me some IClone Character Creator software.  Its likely the most important user improvement  ever and yet they issued it for free and with little pre-hoopla.  Well the ability to make your own characters is a big deal and its fun to boot.  I've made my protagonist and clothed him in multiple outfits and given him different tans and had a blast doing it.  Up above he is drinking some joe and scratching his butt.  Ever as it should be.  More later.

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#99424 New mini contest

Posted by Harb40 on 01 March 2017 - 08:38 AM

I contacted several people from the community and sent them an outline for a mini contest that is separate from but put on by the Passion Competition.  They have given their feedback and I am now doing a final revision including how we are going to judge it.  I should have it ready to go within the next week.


At the present time the prize will be a cash one (paypal transfer or gift card) worth at least $100 USD but could rise if funding comes in and there is enough interest shown. 


I think most will find this contest a fun one and could get very interesting in the submissions.


I will release more details in a few days.

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#99209 Back in 2017

Posted by Harb40 on 27 December 2016 - 05:05 AM

Over the weekend I renewed the domains for the Passion Competition for another year and in January will be renewing the hosting.


The contest will be back in 2017 with some minor changes.  One change will be in the writing category.  This time we will go with scripts.  Nothing firm yet but I will be working on what kind and what will be expected in the next few months.  I will probably ask for input to help me finalize the specifics from the community.  There will also be changes on what can be submitted but those changes are still being worked on.


The official planning won't start until early February and I will keep everyone updated as we go.

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#97922 "Wacky's Al-ive!"

Posted by wackyal3000 on 01 March 2016 - 03:00 PM

Wow its been a long time.


It seems my last post here was about waiting - that was nearly five years ago. For those who don't remember me, I've been a member on and off of TMO & TMU since 2006 who made a few (mainly mediocre) movies over the years but spent most of my time just hanging around, watching movies and making friends. I took a "short break" from the forums to go to Uni but, two cities and two degrees later I'm still studying which doesn't leave me a lot of time or equipment to machinimate anymore. Following a TMU inspired fever dream a couple of months ago I flittered around the site silently to re-watch some of my old favourite films when I had the time but decided on the spur of the moment today to throw myself back into the forums that dominated so much of my teenage years.


Its so nice to see so many familiar faces still here. I won't be making any movies anytime soon but I'm here to watch some flicks and enjoy myself in the little spare time I have. If anyone has any suggestions of the best movies I've missed since July 2011 please do link them to me. Additionally - if anyone is looking for a mid-20s British guy with three or four years of amateur dramatics "training" I might even do a few VOs here and there. 


tldr: hey gang, what's up?

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#97808 Onward & Upward

Posted by thebiz on 22 February 2016 - 04:14 PM

TMU Weekend has come to a successful close and we've had a night to dwell on it.  Let's take a moment to shoot some kudos to Ken who kept things rolling and successfully guided the entire weekend to its port.  A job very well done!   


Now Its important to stay on top of the momentum but where should we focus?  What should we do?  I've got some suggestions and I would like to hear from EVERYONE as well.  If you have a thought or suggestion please post in this thread.  Lets keep the big ball of fun rolling!


  • I would really like to see TMU moved out of Beta simply for the case of getting permanent links.  Im not tweeting or blogging or writing threads about movies right now because Im afraid the links will be invalid when we change to the permanent url.  Plus it will just feel good to have that tmunderground url back. 
  • I would like a way to feature movies.  I've chatted briefly with Ken on this one and big changes to the functionality of the site are very difficult (ps.  great job getting the user side embed to work so fast Ken).  Still this is high on my list as featured movies show that TMU supports its directors by giving them a chance to shine.
  • Whats the next event?  I feel events keep us relevant and give directors old and new a reason to stop back in.  Flooding the community with events has the opposite effect but it would be great to have something substantial happening every two to three months.  SO what do we have going on?
    • Ken wants to move on the new Ollies which will take up a block of time (time frame Ken?).
    • Director Spotlights - Watch a group of movies from one director with either a conversation of just comments from that director.  I might be up for hosting/creating one or two of these but if someone else is interested please pipe up.
    • Movie nights - Would be great to package 3-4 new releases together for a movie night.  I know many directors prefer to just release their stuff when they are ready but if we could coordinate the release it can draw a bigger crowd and provide a memorable live experience.
    • Election Based content? - With the US elections coming up it might be a fun time to consider a short contest or just a one on one campaign for president of tmu (just thinking out loud)

How do we promote these things?  I spent a considerable amount of time posting in various forums and twitter for the TMU Weekend.  Bezzer did the same on Facebook.  Ken sent out a mega email to all TMU users.  What worked?  What should we try in the future?  


I kinda feel like the mega email is out for all but the biggest of events but it might be worthwhile to create an email list of folks who would be interested in knowing about TMU events.  Not spam, not news, just events.  We could pass along lists of folks you think might want to be notified and send them an email asking if this is so.  Then keep that list current and send out event emails when something is happening.  Thoughts?


Heres hoping to hear some more ideas soon.

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#95247 TMOA Sunday - 13 September 2015 - Updates, discussion, maybe some fun

Posted by Ken White on 09 September 2015 - 02:22 PM

Yes, it's that time again - the time of laughter and tears. It's another of the now-and-then Sunday Shows with Ken and Monk....


I thought it would be good to actually talk about where we are in the Summer of TMU (about to be the Autumn of TMU - something about Fall of TMU doesn't seem quite right and I really don't like autumn that much either - maybe, like the Beach Boys album, it's an Endless Summer...).


For those who read every golden word here in the forums, there won't be any huge surprises (unless I come up with one between now and Sunday). But I have the platform to actually speak about our forward progress, and not just write about it. And I want to give the new radio listen page a run through before things really get cranking, and see how we can improve it. So we'll have us a show.


No guests scheduled (though I did invite Rocco to come in for a little bit to talk about his Batman flick, but that won't be a guest slot as in times of old). If somebody does want to come on the show and discuss the changes and new stuff, just let me know.


Barring that, we're probably just going to do a couple of hours. First hour will be the usual Sunday Show nonsense with me and Monk. A chance to share the non-Summer of TMU days of our lives and insult each other. Second hour will be focused on the Summer of TMU - where we are, what we've already done, what is still to come, and perhaps a slightly updated timetable with all of it.


I don't expect a huge audience - the NFL football season has begun, and a lot of people will be glued to their TVs, watching their teams win or lose. But hopefully it will be entertaining for those who do pop into the chat room or listen without benefit of their chat buddies. And hey, it will be available for listening and download (listening at the new movie site, downloading at the old radio site until we get everything moved over).


Show starts at 2 pm Eastern, 1 pm Central, 11 am Pacific, 7 pm in the UK, 8 pm in Europe, and 4 am Monday in eastern Australia. If you're not in one of those time zones, figure it out...


You can listen by clicking the radio tab in the navbar (aka right here) and then continue listening while you go into the chatroom (on the navbar, or right here, as you choose - you'll be automatically logged in if you're logged into the forums - and if you're not, why not)


So there you are - a couple of hours of entertainment that you won't find anyplace else (nor would you actually want to find it anyplace else).


Seeya there and then!

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#90052 The Movies Game Studio Group & DeviantArt

Posted by sexymaria on 01 February 2014 - 12:34 AM

Beowulf and I started a group dedicated to The Movies Game and Blender Users.
DeviantArt is a fun and interactive place where you can submit your latest artwork (even sell your art)
Our group is about your latest Mod or WIPs or even screenies of your latest movie.
DeviantArt is free membership
Join the group today:yes:
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#88004 The Creative Resource List

Posted by thebiz on 17 September 2013 - 03:46 PM

I'm slowly working on a list of resources that would be of interest to the community. Perhaps this list will be used to populate a resources forum or perhaps we can just keep this list active. Add your thoughts, additional info/descriptions and links to this thread and I will update the original post as often as I can.

Movie/Game Engines:

The Movies - Video Game w/ movie making tools
The Sims - Video Game frequently used for machinima
Iclone - 3d realtime animation tool
MovieStorm - 3d animation tool
SecondLife - Online virtual community
Muvizu - 3d animation tool
Daz - 3d animation tool
Unity3D - Video Game engine
GoAnimate - Simple web based 2d animation service
Garry's Mod - Sandbox game frequently used for machinima
Source Filmmaker - Movie-making tool built and used by Valve to make movies inside the Source game engine
Open Simulator - Open Source 3D simulator (Virtual World similar to Second Life)
Inworldz - Virtual World similar to Second Life

Kitely- OpenSim Virtual Word
FRAPS - Benchmark, Screen and Video Capturing Software often used in Game Captures
TUPI- 2D Animation Tool
CrazyTalk - ANimate Faces with Lip Sync
CrazyTalk Animator - Full Body 2D Animation Tool
Plotagon - Simple 3d app/software. Write a story, choose the characters and go.
Animatron- 2D html web animation
Live2D aka Cubism Editor - 2d animation software. Free version available.
Dvolver - 2d moviemaker. Limited flexibility but very easy to use. Limited export options.


Audacity - Free to use audio editing/recording software
WavePad - Audi Editing Software - Free NonCommercial Use Version

SoundTrap- Online music production tool 

FreeSound.Org - Collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds.
SoundBible.com - Royalty free sound archive
SoundJay.com - Free Sound Website
Incomptech.com - Library of CC Attribution music from Kevin MacLeod

Free Music Archive - CC Attribution music archive
Media.IO - Free online audio file conversion site (I use it to convert m4a iphone files to mp3 but there are many more formats)
Internet Audio Archive - Internet Library collection includes a large amount of Public Domain recordings and music under the CC license
LibriVox - Public Domain audio books


GIMP - Open Source Image Editing Software
Inkscape - Open Source Vector Graphics Editor
PIXLR - Web based graphics editing tool
SumoPaint - Web based graphics editing tool
Paint.net - Free windows based image editing software
Windows Movie Maker - Simple, Free Video Editing Tool
Genetica Viewer - Seamless Texture Creator
CamStudio - Open source screen recording software
SCreenCastOMatic - site that captures screencast for download or upload. Free!
Apowersoft - Web based video screen capture
IceCreamApps - Free screen recording app
SMRecorder - Free screen recording software

Hitfilm Express - Video Editing and Special Effects Software (Express version is free)

MyPaint - Open Source (free) painting tool for graphics tablents (and pens)

AnyVideoConverter - Solid Freeware video converter

Krita - Open Source  sketching/painting program

DJV Imaging - open source movie playback software

Davinci Resolve - Video Editing

Natron - Open Source Compositing and SFX software


CGTextures.com -Library of free to use (see license info on site) textures
CoolText - Text Graphics Generator
Shareheads.com - CC Attribution Artwork
OpenClipArt.org - Public Domain Clip Art
Internet Video Archive - Includes a large amount of Public Domain video and CC licensed video
Library of Congress - Includes a huge amount of Public Domain Historical documents and images
BlamBot - Comic Fonts, some free, some pay
1001 Free Fonts - Um...1,001 free fonts

3D Modeling Software:

Sketchup - Google created simple modeling software

Sculptris - Free Sculpting Software (little brother of ZBrush)
Blender - Open Source modeling and animation tool
Milkshape 3d - Low Poly Modeler, initially designed for Half Life
Misfit Model 3D- OpenGL-based 3D model editor that works with triangle-based models.
FragMotion - 3D modeler used for the creation and animation of characters (50$)
3D Object Converter - 3D polygon model translation and interactive viewing shareware tool that allows 3D model data to be imported from external sources, exported to various industry standard 3D file formats
AutoDesk FBX Converters
FormZ- Somewhere between Blender (lots of tools) and sketchup (relatively easy to use). Free version available


3DWarehouse - Library of free sketchup models

Sketchfab - 3D Model Warehouse
3D Repository - U.S. Goverment 3d model warehouse
Archive 3D- 3D Models and Textures
ShareCG - 3D modelling community
Renderosity - 3d Modeling Forum and Marketplace
8EyedBaby - Props and Mods for the Movies Game
Autodesk Character Generator
Carnegie Mellon Mocap Library - 2600 Motion Capture Files free to use

sketchfab - Model repository

Archive3D - 3D Model Repository

tf3dm.com - 3D model repository

Voice Acting





Celtx- Script Writing software
Free Film Software - Story development, story boarding and screenwriting software
Screen Writing Class - 15 Modules/Lessons found on the Moviestorm Education Forum.

Movie Upload and Promotion Sites

Koinup - Virtual Life Machinima (SL and Sims)

Random Stuff

* The Movies Review Archive - Reviews and Studio Info from the entire TMO database - Thanks Rileyman!
* IClone Revolution - IClone Tutorials and Freebies from Warlord
* IClone Certified Training - Iclone Tutorials
* Making Better Movies with MovieStorm - Movie Making Tutorials (software independant skill building). Four Volumes: Basic Camerawork, Staging, Sound and Light, Editing
* Machinima Expo - Annual gathering of Machinima Community for Screenings, Panel Discussions, Interviews, and meetups
* WithoutABox - A vast directory of Film Festivals and Screenplay Competitions
* Blender Render Farm

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#99593 Fucked Up Street Part 2: Dark Park Production and Casting Thread

Posted by TehPoptartKid on 31 March 2017 - 05:33 AM

Howdy Fucked Up Street fans!


WonderCon is this weekend, so I'll be nerding it up with other nerds in a cramped place full of cool things and panels. Sounds fun right?


If I have the time, I'll start fiming the strip club scenes this weekend. Geoff showed me what set he used for the strip club for his Without Words movie. So, I'll be using Steve45's sets. After I do that, I'll do my scenes with green screen. Then I'll send it off to Joe and he'll do his own scene. It's gonna be good!


More updates later!

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#99523 The Movies Game ANM Viewer

Posted by lefty2000 on 16 March 2017 - 09:49 PM

Another important step forward was completed today.  Using what I learned from ANM Viewer, I was finally able to figure out how to map the rotation data from the movies game coordinate frame to the blender frame and then apply it to an imported costume, or character.  So far I have been working only with rotation data and I need to update the export script to close the loop.  The new script is importanm.py and can be downloaded at the link.


Here is a 30 second video demonstrating three animations imported from the game and applied to a Movies Game character in Blender.

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#97863 New Competition -- "Films Without Words"

Posted by kwistufa on 25 February 2016 - 10:36 PM

Pffft... People complaining of a Month to make a 5min Silent flick in...

'Back in my day'...  
RPO had a bunch of us in 24hr competitions... Where the plot line was delivered to us in installments... over the 24hr time limit..
Basically keeping us at the Computer & ready to 'roll' as the Comp details came in....    Very hard!
I wasn't popular with the kids & then GF..  haha

I think you're getting softer in your Rules RPO..  ;) :P

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#88487 REP - What is it Good For..? Better still, what is it & what does it mean...

Posted by goofparade on 14 October 2013 - 10:46 PM

Why aren't you making this into a movie right now?
The potential is both terrific and terrifying.

I find that portrying terror is terribly liberating...put me down or the part of the donkey.:euro:
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#99976 Gentrified - Production Thread

Posted by thebiz on 17 September 2017 - 11:50 PM

Here's a little shot I spent the weekend working on.  Just a tiny clip of dinner at Eddies.  Got a rib-eye on the bone, some bronzini  some bourbon glazed salmon and a soup and salad combo.  All the food and drink props are from the 3d warehouse.  Bon Appetite!



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