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      30 Dec

    Making a staged return to the old stomping grounds after too long away... how is everyone? :)

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Miracle: Vulture 2-2 Episode 4 is now playing!

Now Playing 03 Oct 2019
Finally!  The forth installment to my other series is now up and running.  Unlike the Saratoga series, the run time is much shorter.  Enjoy!           Here's the link:      
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Rebuying The Movies Cds from Amazon question

TMUniverse Issues 18 Sep 2019
I accidentally broke one of my CDs so I'm going to buy The Movies from Amazon. Problem is I am located in South East Asia and so I need to order the game from the US. In the picture above is the screen that I get(in Amazon)  when trying to buy another Lionhead game called Black and White. H...
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Redesign site

General Thoughts 09 Sep 2019
So I have noticed a few things and I think the problem lies in when you click the TMunderground it goes straight to the movie site and studying how this is set up it clear the forum should be the forefront of the main site so instead of having people going to movie site, they would land at TMU ho...
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The Hippie

Now Playing 08 Sep 2019
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Super Base: Saratoga Season 2, Episode 2 is now up!

Now Playing 07 Sep 2019
Hello everyone!  The next installment of the series is now up.  Here's the link: 
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