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Posted 16 March 2014 - 04:38 PM

Hello. I, Cynthia Hanson, have officially started my first Indiegogo campaign to help my franchise of WogglebugLove Productions get started right. The target goal is $7,700.00. I have included many rewards (perks) for donataions in various places between $10.00 and $500.00.

These include paperback and Kindle copies of my books (of which a portion of the donations go to make the payments for my illustrators for them. I have both novel length books and picture books to come, and also novelizations of my movies, and also audiobook versions of them to come afterward as narrated by Richard Poshard who provides the voice of the Wogglebug in my movies. Just as he does in my short videos here and also music videos.

Other perks are private online screenings of my movies, the first two at least are on their way to being completed in this and the next coming year. More of the information of which will be revealed later. I also plan to start a podcast soon and the funds of this campaign should help me with a subscription payment plan to start it. So one of my larger perks is to allow donators the chance to have a spot of at least one (or more) episodes on the podcast for anything they want as long as it is deemed agreeable. My podcast is to have interviews with people who are close to me and WogglebugLove Productions and helped it come to be, and we'll also have short audio shows sometimes. We'll also have the Wogglebug and sometimes other characters he knows of (such as the Frogman) give commentary and reports on things that are worth bringing to light and raising conciousness about in general. Such as the education of children, how the environment is real living thing that needs to be protected and cared about, and so I welcome people to come onto my podcast to speak of these and other important issues about anything that is at least appropriate as far as I am concerned.

From my current videos posted at TMU you can easily tell RPO provides the best and most accurate voice for the character of the Wogglebug that could be envisioned for just the sort of character he is. I cannot help but feel it's a miracle that the voice he gives is such a perfect match for how I imagine him to sound. I hope this franchise helps a lot more people to recognize this after funding is secured. I wish to have the Wogglebug become iconic and famous among children internationally to help advocate postive and actual education for them. For instance, it is often wise to start small and work upwards by degrees. And this is what my campaign is about overall. The Wogglebug is a lovable and wise hero for children of this new day and age who can actually help them to grow to awesome adults and thius build up to a most awesome future in generations to come.

Which is why the final perk which is limited to 5 people for the understandable reasons of RPO, is to give a custom made short film (15 - 20 minutes I estimate) to a child who the donator either has or knows of whom they wish to send a special message as a birthday video gift with the Wogglebug giving the message to them in his own words and voice. After which these videos will be sent to the recipents email, and afterward posted on my website if they wish for it to be so.

See the listing for more details and about the perks listed: http://igg.me/at/Wog...paign/x/2223383

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