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Getting Started With Blender 2.49b

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Posted 26 May 2016 - 01:34 AM

Getting Started With Blender 2.49b
Here are some very easy tutorials for the complete beginner, and the more advanced user. With lots of pics.

It speaks a lot about the Movies but the steps are for any game modding.
(Scroll down to some basic descriptions of Blender tools and functions)

You can download Blender 2.49b at the following location:


Setting Up Blender 2.49b
Will tell you how to set up Blender 2.49b. This tutorial will be useless if you are using Blender 2.5 or greater...

Importing A Game Model Into Blender 2.49b
Once you install The Movies 2009 (.MSH) Scripts the next thing is to start using them. The following tutorial describes how to extract a game model using MED, and then import it into Blender. The tutorial is specific to The Movies, but it is the step that most modders for other games would use as well. Namely, you would extract a game model from the game, then use an import script to import it into Blender. Your other game would need an import script specifically designed for your game's models. Which won't be the one used in the tutorial...

Creating Materials For The Movies Game In Blender 2.49b   

All objects need materials to tell the game how the object is to be rendered...

Armatures, Weight Groups, And The Parent/Child Relationship

The hierarchy of Blender Items determines the Order and function of child objects...

How To Bake Movies Game Sets Lightmaps In Blender 2.49b

Tutorial Appending In Blender:
This tutorial will give two examples for appending. What is appending? It is loading into your present Blender session items we created in another .blend file. The tutorial will focus on two instances where it is important to keep the naming and numbering, and one that does not need those specifics. Also, once you are familiar with appending, you can go on to create whole libraries of .blend files to append from. Basically appending is the action of loading stuff from one .blend file and injecting it into the one you are presently working on...


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