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the movies game modding

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#1 lefty2000


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Posted 02 April 2017 - 06:27 PM

Interesting place, but kind of hidden.  You have to drill down a bit to find it.


Anyway, the reason I am here is to post a link to my Movies Game modding web page.  I have a personal web-site http://lefty2000.com which started out to be a place to blog about game programming with python and flash, then it branched off into GPS navigation and more recently I added a section on The Movies Game where I could post stuff about modding the same.


The Movies Game Section contains a recently composed description of the work I have been doing on decoding the animation files in The Movies Game as well as a place where the latest versions of my animation import/export scripts may be downloaded.  I am still working on those and if I come up with improvements, I will upload them to this web-site.


So far, I have only worked with human figure animations, but the game also has animals including horses, dogs, and birds among the 8002 total animation files in the game.  At some point I would like to tackle some animal animations and see what might be done with them.


Many of my early efforts in this area are documented on my deviant art page where I ran into sexymaria and beowulf71 which really got me started.


In the course of this work, I have come to appreciate the power of flmreaderzero, the program that allows you to create new scenes from existing scenes.  I think Lionhead missed the boat when it failed to create a scene called "Smoke Break" for the game because this is a frequently used device to use narrative to advance the plot.  I watch a lot of Netflix and Turner Classic Movies and I noted that the Smoke Break is a standard dramatic convention.  You know what I mean -- two people standing in an alley smoking while they talk about what is going on in the story.


The Urban Alley set includes a couple of smoking scenes, one for a male and one for a female.  Somebody, maybe me, should sit down and create a scene with two people smoking so we can continue this great cinematic tradition in our own creations.  It looks like it shouldn't be too hard.


Bye now.

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Posted 03 April 2017 - 03:53 AM

Man, you are an inspiration and a retired aerospace engineer.....this is surreal....a bit like your website. dude it is so like when i started modding for TM, we had sites like ...like...sparse, no css or dynamic tables, just frames and bare-bone html....good times.It is a very informative and uplifting (pun intended) blog and to see your dedication and curiosity towards getting the one thing that has...no, had kept most modders in a sort of limbo until now, get from a modders dream into reality. Boy we could have had a hella good time with you on board at DCMF.

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