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Making Dwarves Giants In The Movies Game Using Lefty's Python Scripts

python lefty script blender dwarf giant movies tutorial

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#1 sexymaria


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Posted 21 May 2017 - 01:44 AM

Using Lefty's Amazing Python Scripts To Make Dwarves Giants In The Movies Game / Video



Someone requested a video and I manged to do it with only one word misspelled. And I don't feel like do it all over again for one letter misspelled.


Using Lefty's Amazing Python Scripts: lefty2000.com
And Lefty's Python Scripts
1.Extract a scene, a costume, the animations found in that scene using MED
2.Open FLM R Z and Blender. In FLMRZ copy the name of each animation, one at a time, and paste it into Blender
3. Run Lefty's script called: anm_rescale.py, do this until all of the animations have been copied and pasted. In the same folder as these animation, a copy was made with the same name but with a r_ in front of it. So idle_male.anm becomes r_idle_male.anm. Replace the (.seq) file name with r_idle_male.anm
4.Copy all the the new animations and put them into TheMovies game where they belong. They all begin with a r_. Paste them in TheMovies's data/animations/high folder
5.In FLMRZ doubleclick every animation file name and add a r_ in front of it. Then save it as a new flm file. Also make a sister (.ini) version so the game knows this new scene exist.
6 .In Blender, import a costume. Use lefty's script to shrink the armature. Then scale the model to the same ratio as the armature did.RENAME THE ARMATURE TO A NEW NAME: 517812352. Export the costume into the game
7.Use MED or CosEd to make the new costume available.
How to edit (.SEQ) files:
Sequence files are a list of animations to be performed by the actor or actress. Probably at random. If you open one in a HEX editor you can see the names of these animations. Make scaled copies of each of them but change the new name to only one letter difference. Like if it was idle_male.anm change the new animations name to idle_bale.anm Then in a HEX editor change that single letter in each of the animations. The names have to keep the same amount of letters so that's why we only changed one. Then save it as a new sequence file. Give it a unique name and they go in the game's data/animations/sequence folder.
In Notepad I discovered that file names were being used:
Do not use Notepad to edit the (.SEQ) files
In HEX editor:
Changing the names by one letter:
And make sure you have these animations ready:
Then add the seq in FLMRZ:

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#2 MikeDBoing


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Posted 21 May 2017 - 03:42 AM

Thank you so so soo very much Sexymaria. That makes it a lot easier to get things done right and to build upon that knowledge. I can see the reasoning behind the steps and its all getting clearer. I guess it will finally sink in once I have my first animations done and in the game.

Still working out the first brand new animation for TM...not done yet as I have a few bugs in the scene but coming along nicely.

This is getting more fun each day Wootage-O-Rama!!! :D

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#3 sexymaria


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Posted 21 May 2017 - 05:13 PM

Be sure to rename the armature. And also use the armature without the face rig. My first attempt was with a face rig and it was frozen in the T position.


#4 lefty2000


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Posted 21 May 2017 - 11:32 PM

Great tutorial.  You make it look easy. 

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