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Eight Days A Week

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Posted 22 March 2015 - 09:14 PM

So, eight days after I blew up my computer, things are finally back to normal. And though I have powerful computer-fu, there were times when I thought it had bested me. But not this time.

Which is not to say that there isn’t still work to do –  I have plenty of software still to install, and I’ll be doing that in the coming week as I figure out what’s still missing, and what I had, but don’t need.

But some Night and Day goodness came out of the whole rotten mess. Each night, as I attempted to shut down my fevered brain, I thought about the short, Buffalo Falls, and, perhaps more importantly, the road forward after I finish that and the next book in the series, Blood for Blood.

The prologue and epilogue in Buffalo Falls have brought me back to thinking about the unwritten prequel to the Night and Day series, Poison Blood. And though I know that I’ll never get around to actually writing it, it does fill in some things about the so-called vampire apocalypse.

I was also thinking about what I’d been calling Crimson Star, the fifth Night and Day book. Or maybe The Crimson Star, because I’m going to ditch the plot and move up the sixth book to that slot with that title.


Okay, here’s the deal –  the original plot of Crimson Star was a little too close in feel, if not fact, to the plot of the seventh book, the one that I was tentatively calling Poison Blood when I realized I’d probably never write the Poison Blood prequel novel. There was another book in between them, but since each book has been different from the ones that came before, I didn’t want to have somebody say “Hey, Poison Blood is kinda like Crimson Star.”

So it won’t be.

I will use a couple of things from Crimson Star in the now-sixth book, Poison Blood. As well as some things from the original Poison Blood prequel novel. The rest of Crimson Star will go back in the mental file-cabinet, perhaps to be used later in another way.

In clearer language, the schedule is:

Buffalo Falls –  the novella with prologue/epilogue elements of the original Poison Blood. Available to blog subscribers for nothing electronically, Available to physical book devotees for a nominal fee. Available as part of the first Night and Day ebook collection, with Night and Day, Bleeding Sky, and Bandit’s Moon.

Blood for Blood –  The fourth Night and Day novel, currently in progress.

The Crimson Star –  The fifth Night and Day novel, probably featuring Philly, the Underpants Man, as mentioned elsewhere.

Poison Blood –  The sixth Night and Day novel, with elements of the original Poison Blood and the original Crimson Star.

Clear enough?

Doesn’t matter. It’s clear to me, and since I have to write them, that’s probably more important.

Going to take the night off from anything computer related, relax, watch The Walking Dead, get a good night’s sleep without worrying about the computer, and tomorrow morning, I get back to Buffalo Falls, Chapter One. Or as it says in this first chapter, “Monday, January 19th. Day 1.”

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