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Snapped (Adam & Eve)

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#1 Law


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Posted 07 June 2018 - 07:28 PM

Just throwing this idea out there, because A. I don't want to forget about it.. and B. I wanted to see what everybody here thought.

Ever seen the TV Show "Snapped"? It's about true crime stories,on the Oxygen channel, usually about Wives who kill their Husbands (that's not the case with every episode but most, it's what it's known for, countless jokes about it online) in the documentary style that you see on all the true crime shows. I think it would be funny to make a parody of the show, featuring the first two humans, Adam and Eve. I see a lot of comedic potential in the concept, don't you? Especially with the interview portion of the show, with God talking to a camera crew about the incident, how he couldn't believe, it's all emotional, ("they were just born yesterday!") with plenty biblical references thrown in.

It may be a bit absurd, but that's why I like it.

#2 thebiz


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Posted 08 June 2018 - 02:30 AM

Yea baby!  Adam&Eve is ripe (fruit of knowledge pun) for parody.  Many moons ago I had a similar idea about some A&E sketch comedy set in a laundromat.  There was a snakeman character and jokes about the sisyphisian task of doing laundry.  This really was a long time ago (hence the crude G2 characters but still fun stuff).  Here's some old screenies.  Also took a look for the old script but alas, no luck.  Fun to see how many times I mentioned Satan in an email over the last decade though...


If you decide to pursue this I can be up for a voice if needed..  





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#3 Law


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Posted 08 June 2018 - 02:48 AM

Nice! I love that they've got baskets of their dirty crotch leaves.. until I noticed that I was a bit confused as to why you'd pick a laundromat setting of all places, great gag indeed. All the ideas rushing through my head would be best made with iClone, I really want to get it and learn how to use it (that would start with a better computer, mine would probably explode from trying to use iClone, it's a ticking time bomb as I type this) I know it won't be as simple as that, but it would be very much worth learning, the sky really seems to be the limit with the program.

Who knows if and when this idea will be pursued, but it would certainly be a fun one, the leaf gag is so good that I'll probably end incorporating that somehow, maybe Eve's alibi for Adam's murder was she was at that laundromat? We'll see. Definitely would like you to do a voice for it when the time comes.

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