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Hacking the FLM Files

The Movies FLM Files

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Posted 04 February 2019 - 06:24 PM

In order to introduce a new animation into "The Movies" it is always necessary to create a new FLM (or "film") which references the new animation.  There are several tools to do this, but the most powerful tool is FlmReader, aka FlmReaderZero.  FlmReader allows you to load an existing FLM file, and change any field in the file.   What it does not provide is the ability to add new blocks to the file.  This would be a valuable capability to have in some cases.  For example, suppose you want to have an actor riding on a horse and holding a certain prop, but after going through quite a few files, I have not found any such example of a mounted rider holding a prop.  If you could find one, then it would not be hard to replace the existing prop with another prop.
You could replace the animation of the rider with another animation in which the actor is carrying a prop, but in order to identify the prop to the game engine, there has to be a Prop block in the FLM file.  If there is no prop block, the animation would still work, but the prop would not appear in the game.  The only solution I can see would be to use a hex editor to add or insert a new block into the FLM file, but that would be difficult for me because I do not have a hex editor template for the FLM file. I once asked SexyMaria if she had such a template and she said she did not and did not know if any such template had ever been written.
After struggling with this problem for awhile, I have embarked on a project to create a hex editor template for the FLM files.  At this point I have had enough experience using
"010 Editor V3" to get started and I have an initial version working, but I cannot say that it will work for all FLM files because I have only tested it on a tiny fraction of the existing FLM files, perhaps two or three dozen so far and there appear to be hundreds of them.  It would take too long to test it on every single one of them.  When I say I "tested" the template on a FLM file, all I mean is that I have loaded the FLM file and executed the template and it read the entire file and terminated normally with the message "template executed successfully."
The template is based on the information displayed in FlmReader which marks some fields in the file as "unknown" and with a couple of exceptions those fields remain unknown.  The only exception is in the "Type 4" block which has a parameter that activates "look at" behavior by specifying which actor the actor using the block is supposed to look at, and another field which specifies the duration of the behavior.
If anybody out there has such a template, I would very much like to get my hands on it but in the meanatime Attached File  CS_flm.zip   2.25KB   3 downloadsI have decided to publish what I have so far in case some one might be able to use it.

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