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Lets make fun movies

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Posted 21 August 2019 - 08:11 PM

I have noticed over time TMU is been dying and not in the good sense and there been a few problems with the current format. First, it has gotten way too professional to the point it takes 5 years to make one movie and I m saying it wrong to make a movie like that but it takes away what made TMU so great in the first place, making short movies that everyone is involved in. So you may be thinking about how do we fix the trend well I have a couple of ideas.


1.New people to TMU I would make a movie no more than 5min, This way you can start to craft your story a little better and improve time. Once you release your video we will try our best to comment what liked, what we disliked and how you can improve upon and maybe next time make an 8min video but do not make ambitious movie upfront at first just focus on small scale movie then move your way up. 


2. I think TMU movies should not exceed the 20min time frame because those movies in itself take a long time to produce and it will help keep TMU having more movies on it and not look like ghost town but if you must make a longer film then place into 2 parts instead of being one giant movie this way way it puts less pressure on you and you can fun with it.


3. Let's get back to making short movies or just fun ones because we have gotten just too professional with our work that we hardly upload anything anymore. Sure there other communities and stuff but lets makes make some TMU exclusives as we have a new generation of actors/ actress again. 


4. Have fun does not mean you cant improve or make an outside movie, just do it once in a while but not al the time. Let new people be inspired by you again. 


5. Lets voice act in each other movies this way were not scrabbling around finding voice actors because that what made the community great is all you voice acted in each other movies as well made your own. We need to return to this basic premise because people may be inspired to come here, 


6. Let's improve the TMU forum site a little bit making a signup sheet upfront because right now it kind hard to navigate if I m new user and on the movies, the site has a section in which they can access the forums because as of right now there no access to the forums. 


If anyone if you are still alive then I hope to hear from you in the comments below. 

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