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Redesign site

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#1 Zeke365


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Posted 09 September 2019 - 01:30 AM

So I have noticed a few things and I think the problem lies in when you click the TMunderground it goes straight to the movie site and studying how this is set up it clear the forum should be the forefront of the main site so instead of having people going to movie site, they would land at TMU home. Because if I m new user and all I see movie site then I think it just another video sharing site without a community, that's how new user would feel because they don't even know about the forums or the community. So I redesigned the site slightly to give it an easier approach 


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So you see you have easier access to sign up sheet and login sheet cause upfront and what the latest is going on, who the new users are and what the last post is which leads me to my next point is the forums in the latest news section has not been updated since 2017, so new people might think we have abandoned the site 2 years ago, so we need to fix it so it said 2019 stuff instead of 2017 stuff.


Now when people click on TMU site this should come up first not the movie site. Why you may ask that because this shows that we are creative creators and then they can check on the top and see or you can tell them that you can upload their creations to movie site for comments and feedback from the community. This way it will bring more traffic to your site without having sacrificed too much. But if it stands as if how will people know there a community here? when all they see is the movie site. The movie site should be second and TMU Home should the very first thing they see when they click this site this way you give a better first impression and who knows it might fix a lot of problems.

That and having a signup or login feature up on the top there helps new user sign up and makes it easier to understand. But I like to know your thoughts do you think this redesign is a good idea or should it stand as is? Let me know in the comments below.


#2 regolero



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Posted 09 September 2019 - 10:00 AM

I am a user of the Hispanic community, and that enters this forum very little, but the feeling is that the forum is abandoned, and it is true what you say, it is very difficult for me to find links that lead to this forum, so That few people will find it.

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#3 Zeke365


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Posted 13 September 2019 - 02:44 AM

So I started thinking of how to make mobile users easier to find the site and navigate it as well so I came up with proof of concept for the design and would like to know your thoughts on it. 








Now since phone uses scroll down feature I thought about making each section taps so if I click on TMU home the home page shows up but if I click on say the forums then the homepage close and the forum page opens and so on and I move the chat feature in the live section because most of the time that when we use it and move the more section up so people could easily access it.


The arrows represent which page would be opened in each tap but not all of them could be opened at once. So would you rather have it on the top, left or right for mobile, let me know in the comments below. 


The second thing I changed is the name of the MOvie site, as right now having the movie site just the movie site makes feel like another movie site or youtube site I do apologize for the redundancy of this sentence even though you came from the movies games, it does not represent a creators work on the site meaning I don't think of creators when I go movie site so I changed the name to Creators movies site so it reflects these are user creators making these movies and not another youtube site and reflects all of us as creators and what we can do with the software we have, This why I think renaming the movie site to creators movies site is a good idea because when new user comes it makes them think this not another youtube site but actual creators that help them out and make their dream movies come true.


The third thing I think we need was the email subscription is we need new user sign up and login sign right their on the right screen this way people can sign up real quick and they don't have to fiddle around figuring out how to find stuff. I will let you decide where you want to put the new sign up sheet, needs to be easy to find and upfront somewhere like sites that have 


Login/ signup 


something like that so people can easily join in.


I know it seems like I m changing the site but I not trying to actually change the site but make it easier for new people and addressing the problems that have plagued the site for some time and my hope with these changes if implemented would reach a whole new generation of people. 


Let me know your thoughts in the comments below what you think of changing movie site Creators movies, plus having the tab feature on the mobile to be able to click on each section and have easy access to each section in the comments below. And I hope this helps address some issues and we get this community growing again, 


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