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#1 ftoons


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Posted 11 June 2020 - 05:36 PM

My name is Luis or ftoons, and I am a Spanish film director using The Movies. I've been thinking whether I should share my movies here for a long time, mainly because they are in Spanish and they do not have any subtitles. But I recently came across the automatically generated subtitles option, and I think they can be translated to any language. Of course, there might be mistakes, but I think you could follow the story properly with the translated subtitles.
Anyway, here is my first full-length feature film, a sci-fi noir called Andromeda (or Andrómeda in Spanish). This film started as a couple of scenes I filmed just for fun during Christmas based on Gemini Rue, a game which I really liked (and recommend it). But then I decided to continue and spent a year and a half making it. 
Special thanks to Beowulf71 and MikeDBoing, who have always helped me with my projects. I wouldn't have made a single film without them, so I'll always be grateful. Also, to Regolero back in the Spanish forum, who made the bluescreen set where I mostly filmed the movie.
I hope you get to enjoy this one. This project was very difficult to me because I had never filmed anything that was longer than 10 minutes long. Besides, I was close to abandoning quite a few times because I thought it wasn't good enough. But overall, I was happy with the result when I released it back in 2017, and I still am today. It even got to win some awards from the Spanish TM community, which at the time was surreal for me because I never thought I would go that far.
Directed by: Ftoons
Release date: August 2017
Genre: science-fiction, film noir
Running time: 100 minutes




I might release here some of my other projects soon. They include one more feature, and a couple of short films. And I'm currently filming a new feature!


Thank you for your time, guys! Cheers  :)

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#2 Beowulf71


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Posted 11 June 2020 - 07:38 PM

Nice to see you here

“I am the ripper, the tearer, the slasher. I am the teeth in the darkness! The talons in the night! My name is strength! And lust! And power! I am BEOWULF!"

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Posted 11 June 2020 - 09:03 PM

Nice to see you here


Thanks Beo!! :D

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