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Deep War (WIP)

odyssey Underwater

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Posted 04 October 2020 - 04:02 PM

The rapidly disintegrating climate of Earth reduced the amount of dry land year on year as polar icecaps and glaciers continued to steadily dump their water into the oceans...

As things began to get more and more desperate, the nation governments of the world began to turn to undersea options in order to ensure mankind's continued survival.,,

Corporations poured billions into development of underwater habitats, fish farms, algae and seaweed plantations, resource gathering and power generation...

Eventually, the collapse of civilisation was stymied by the creation of the United Nations effectively taking over as the ruling body...

The corps and nations who refused to follow this change broke away into independant states...

As sealevels continued to rise, the UN controlled naval forces became the premiere military force in the world, and subsumed the land and air forces of the various nations into one military force; the United Seas Navy....

Now, the vast majority of the world is drowned; control of the remaining above water land is either via the USN or under the yoke of one of the independant nations...

But, after 10 years of status quo, a new, yet old, adversary rises from the deep to reach out it's tentacles to control the world...

The Deep War has begun!

(If you think "Seaquest" coupled with "Stingray", with a soupcon of "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" and so on, you won't go far wrong with what I'm aiming at )

Promo thread for the new mini series to come; delayed slightly as I deal with a massive roof leak that drowned my daughter's bedroom over the weekend, but rest assured it will be coming soon!!!

More news, screen shots and more to follow!

(The wonderful Mr DeBoing started mod work on this but due to system failure has had to postpone further work until that's rectified, so this is currently on hold; other projects are underway....!)

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