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Odyssey - The Collection

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#1 Killian


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Posted 08 October 2020 - 12:16 PM

I've finally updated my Youtube channel after years of neglect, and those who have an interest can find the entirety of the completed Odyssey episodes uploaded there if they have any desire to watch or rewatch them.


The playlist comprises -

  • The initial subtitled pilot episodes (in all their "gory glory" :P), all combined into one long video;
  • The 6 part finale (my first endeavour to include voice actors), again combined into one long movie;
  • Episodes 1-7 of Season One;
  • Episode 1 of Season Two;

I've also included the Interlude Episode that was due to sit between Episode 1 and 2 of Season Two... and which now stands as the last existing Odyssey episode, effectively.


Well, enjoy or not as you desire ; once again, even after all this time, honoured and humbled by the experience of working with a stellar voice cast which I was lucky enough to get for this, from the regulars to the guest stars... love yah all, guys, and thank you for allowing me to make my imagination reality with this, even if we never got to finish it!


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#2 lefty2000


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Posted 08 October 2020 - 04:44 PM

Odyssey: S01E01:

I found much to praise and much to blame while watching this video.  I think a some re-editing would benefit the production.  Some of the beautiful shots of space craft were a little too long, I thought.  I did not find it believable that Rachael would slap captain Carver just because because he was suspicious of her ex-boyfriend.  In days of yore, that would be a hanging offense.


The most impressive characterization was the cat-woman medic.  I loved it.


I can't say much about the musical sound track because it was understated and unobtrusive.  That is a good great thing.


Overshadowing all of this, however, was a powerful story, well told, and complete in a single episode.  Despite the limitations of the medium, time, and resources, but with the aid of some excellent voice acting, "Old Wounds, New Blood" delivered a climax that was surprising, moving, and satisfying. 


Just think what might have been if you had had a real studio at your disposal and a few hundred thousand bucks to spend!  It would have been "glorious!"

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#3 Killian


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Posted 08 October 2020 - 05:08 PM



Thanks for your comments!


Yes, looking back on these I can see glaring issues with some of the editing, mod work, shot composition, etc that I glossed over at the time; I do, however, still believe even 10 years later that the performances of the multi-talented cast really do stand up to scrutiny, even with some of my hackneyed writing to deal with :); they really made the characters come to life and there are some lines in some episodes that still give me a shiver of pleasure down the spine when I watch these back, even today, simply because the artist delivered it brilliantly and really made the words leap off the page.


The series dealt with a lot of the standard tropes of the genre, in some cases better than others, so it's not exactly ground breaking stuff plot wise, but I'm proud of the work we did back then and am sad we never got to finish all 4 seasons due to the various things that RL threw at me at the time.


I'm glad you enjoyed the episode and would welcome any comments on the others; I'm still learning (or should that be "relearning"?) the craft (as I believe we all do; we should never assume we're brilliant at something, as we always learn and hone skills we think we may have "mastered", whatever that phrase actually means!)


And am glad you enjoyed M'raal's character; she was played by my dear wife and it was her first serious attempt at voice acting; she really "got" what the character was about in seconds of reading the lines and to this day it makes me smile when she's on screen and delivering some of the more scathing comments to the other regulars :)

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