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Posted 25 December 2020 - 09:31 PM

So a while back I made short trailer of dancegirl concept and the idea never left me so I decided to make muvizu series out it and I have script already written, just trying to get the animation together and hopefully next year to get voice actress or actors if anyone is interested.

What is dancegirl is about: It’s about 3 girls learning to be hero’s and have never been beyond on the wall when one notices a locked book with no title or what it is

There just one thing I could change is the title dancegirl to something else so if anyone has a suggestion let me know.

#2 Zeke365


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Posted 16 January 2021 - 03:58 AM

Some good news I have been able to complete 4 scenes of dancegirl as of right now, so animation should be complete by the end of the month. 


Now a little backstory: I made the script first before I did any animation because muvizu works differently than The Movies games and I edited this script so many times till I was happy with it then I began some animation took a break and now completing the final touches on the animation. Do to animation limits I will have to edit the script one more time before I can get auditions set up so my goal is to have the auditions set up by February sometime.


Dancegirl will be the a series so this first episode just establishes the characters and not very long so it not gonna be 20min video like usual and its quite new to me to make series so once auditions happen I plan to make a rough draft of episode 2. 


That it for today let me know your thoughts if anyone is reading this, 

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Posted 18 March 2021 - 09:14 PM

I do aplogize for the long wait but the scipt need more polish but danceGirl episode 1 is here. Auditions are below.
DanceGirl Episode 1 trailer https://vimeo.com/525713801
DanceGirl episode 1 is apart of larger series in which three superhero Girls who are great friends live in the school dormitory learning to become superheroes when an intruder invades their classroom and opens a new mystery of the school.
Here a trailer to episode 1 
The goal is to release this episode  in July 2021 on Vimeo 
Here a links to 4 movies I have created before. 
1.The Hallway
2.Alien Rescue 
3.The Jungle
4.Run A Way
DanceGirl (number of lines 19) 
DanceGirl is 14 years old and is a  very shy and quiet type of girl who has this cute voice that makes you say aww and can dance with a blow to her enemies.
 (high voice range not chickmunk level high)  

Audition Lines:
Let's Dance 
I thought you would have known.
(sigh without an answer to her question) 
Are you okay? 
(nervously approaching the cell) 
Dreamgirl (number of lines 13) 
Dreamgirl is 15 years old and is a very energic girl who can travel to people's dreams and should come across as someone who is very energetic always looking for adventure. 
( medium tone voice level.) 
Audition Lines:
I have not had this much fun in a while, I want to beat more baddies.
(very eager) 
What on your mind, you seem a little down DanceGirl?
(a little worried)
You don't seem too friendly do you, why don't I send you to dream.
(light nervous tone) 
SnowGirl (number of lines 10) 
Snowgirl is an 18-year-old African American girl with a mature and calm demeanor to her and her voice needs to has weight behind every word she said. She shows very little emotion. 
(low tone voice range)
Audition Lines:
If you don't tell us, Dancegirl, dreamgirl here can find out.
(playfully pointing towards dreamgirl)
Let's go already I'm getting cold just listening to the two of you.
From what? 
Ms. Fran (number of lines 5) 
She is the teacher of the school and is in her mid-40s with the authority that she runs things. 
(medium to low voice)
Audition Lines:
1.Ms. FRAN: 
We have are prepared are we not girls?
You seem down DanceGirl what's the matter?
(little worried)
okay, good talk.
Okay for sending auditions you can it two different ways if you like 
1.You can have one long audio but remember you will need to let me know what character you're auditioning for, and if you do 2 takes let me know what takes you on.
Example:  Audio File:  Character Name: Audition line 1 Take 1, audition line 1 take 2  
2.The Second way is you can give me the audio files separately.
               Audio file 1: Character name, audition line, take 1 
               Audio file 2: Character name, audition line, take 2 
send your auditions to my email which newzeke365studio@yahoo.com 
The deadline is April 30 to get them in.  

#4 Zeke365


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Posted 21 November 2021 - 10:20 PM

So I thout thought give everyone a little update on what's happening with the Dancegirl project. 


First of all I writing episode 2 as we speak and hopefully will finsh the writing phase of that and start on the animation on episode 2 after that. I m trying to make the script and characters more 3 dimensional  and trying to make make it match the animation as well. Let me explain 


1,Write a rough drapht of script

2. Edit the script (this takes a long process to get everything with polish)

3.Make the animation based on the script and take away things that cannot happen in the software or change it match the need..

4.Reedit the script so that matches the animation

5.Find voice actors 


This main process of this method I m doing now, Episode 2 is the step 2 phase as of right now. 


I do have 1 voice actress for 2 characters but will need another eventually and have taken down the auditions for now till I can get a little more episodes made, hopefully 3 ready to go. 


My goal of this project or series is to discover the struggles we face and how we handle them, second I m thinking it going to be 7 episodes all together, maybe around 10 to 15min each. 


The first episode has a little rough animation but I can't change that because it be impossibe to replciated that scence, 


So that what happening in this update, pius I hope to have auditiions ready by febuary 2022, 


Thanks for reading. 

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