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Animated Sopranos Episodes Re-mastered

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#1 Rocco



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Posted 11 January 2021 - 07:55 AM

Episode Playlist (voice actors needed)












"After it goes black...It begins"
Episode #1  "Late Grievances"
And the story continues...In Season 7 Dickie Moltisanti returns to New Jersey (faked death & hid in Canada for 30 years to avoid FBI) seeking revenge for the murder of his son Chris and his nephew Anthony Blundetto (both killed by Tony). Reuniting with former Dimeo crew member Junior "Corrado" Soprano and Enzo Aprile (Ritchie's nephew) Dickie hires the Viper motorcycle gang leaders Woz and Angel to kidnap Carmela and A.J. Soprano. Then he orders Enzo to kill Tony's only other uncle and Junior's only brother), mentally retarded Ercoli Soprano (Dickie told Junior that Tony ordered the hit). Meanwhile Paulie, Silvio, and Tony await his upcoming RICO trial by meeting with a corrupt Swedish banker in Miami Beach named Yohan (who is working with the FBI).
"Girl from Ipanema" - Frank Sinatra
"Sunshine of your love" - Cream
"Woke up this morning" - Alabama 3
"Beautiful People" - Marilyn Manson
"Godfather theme" - Nino Rota
"Once upon a time in America theme" - Ennio Morricone
"Sweet Emotion" - Aerosmith
"That's Amore" - Dean Martin
"Untouchables theme" - Ennio Morricone
Puccini - Nessun Dorma - Andrea Bocelli & Luciano Pavorati
Episode #2  "The Big Payback"
Junior Soprano and Dickie Moltisanti continue to lead their crew, along with capo's Joey and Pete Maccarato, as they target Soprano capo Patsy Parasi, using overseas Italian hitmen.  While the two renegade Viper biker gang members (secretly hired by Dickie to kidnap Carmela and A.J.), are being hunted by Tony throughout Jersey.  About to be released from jail, is future soldier Vincent Leotardo (Phil's son), who seeks revenge for Tony's murder of his father Phil.
"Scarface Theme" - Giorgio Moroder
"Stop Children What's That Sound" - Buffalo Springfield
"Grindin'" - The Clipse ft. Neptunes
"Pet" - A Perfect Circle
"Riders on the storm" - The Doors
"Hands all over" - Soundgarden
"They Can't Take That Away From Me" - Frank Sinatra
"United" - Ennio Morricone 
"The Shining Theme" - Wendy Carlos And Rachel Elkind
Episode #3  "The Rats Nest"
Tony Soprano returns to "business as usual" with Paulie Gualtieri, Silvio Dante, and Albert Barese hanging out upstairs at the Bada Bing stripclub in North Jersey playing poker.  While Junior Soprano, Dickie Moltisanti, Pete & Joey Maccarato, Hugo Rossi, and Vincent Leotardo hide out in a motel upstate planning how to take out Tony and regain control of the Jersey Mob.  Carmela, Meadow, and Janice Soprano visit A.J. Soprano in the hospital as he recovers from being shot.  Also FBI agents question stripper Lucy, and continue to infiltrate the Soprano crime family.  
"Roxanne" - The Police
"Ain't that a kick in the head" - Dean Martin
"Sober" - Tool
"United" - Ennio Morricone 
"In the air tonight" - Phil Collins
"Gotti theme" - Mark Isham
"James Bond theme" - Monty Norman
"That's Life" - Frank Sinatra 
"Ava Marie" - Luciano Pavarotti
"Satisfaction" - The Rolling Stones
"The Divinci Code" - Hans Zimmer
"The End" - The Doors











Episode #4  "The betrayal"
Tony sits in jail talking with a prison guard, then spends time at Hesh's ranch with Artie, Paulie, Silvio, Hesh, and Carmela.  Meanwhile Junior, Dickie, Hugo, and Vincent meet with the 3 Italian hitmen (Luciano, Gino, and Sergio) in the freezing snow outside Jersey.  Also Neil Mink(Tony's lawyer) informs T that Albert Barese is talking to the FBI and Tony's old therapist, Doctor Jennifer Melfi, is now working with the FBI.  
"Gotti intro" - Mark Isham
"Can't you hear me knocking" - The Rolling Stones
"Godfather, Italian Dinner Music - Nino Rota
"Beyond the sea" - Bobby Darin
"Heavens Gate" - Sweet Breeze
"The Die Is Cast" - Ennio Morricone 
"Carmina Burana O Fortuna" - Mozart
"The Godfather At Home" - Nino Rota
"Teenage Wasteland" - The Who
Episode #5  "The Bull"
Tony Soprano finally confronts Junior for the last time, the FBI close-in on Neil and make him an offer he can't refuse, while dressing as paramedics in disguise Paulie Walnuts and Silvio Dante have a "much needed talk" with Albert "Ally Boy" Barese.  With one last shot at controlling the Jersey mob...Dickie Moltisante, Junior Soprano, Vincent Leotardo, and Hugo join their Italian non-english speaking hitmen...to finish the job.
"Heat" - Elliot Goldenthal
"Fly me to the moon" - Frank Sinatra
"The Intermezzo from Cavalleria rusticana" - Pietro Mascagni
"More Human Than Human" - Rob Zombie
"Agnus Dei" - Samuel Barber
The Sopranos Animated Movies (voice actors needed)
Directed & Written by Rocco Carcheri

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#2 lefty2000


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Posted 12 January 2021 - 11:55 PM

Warning: Contains Spoilers!


Watching someone else's machinima is a humbling experience for two reasons: First, one suspects that one's initial negative reaction to the machinima of others is the same as that of others to one's own machinima.  Secondly, once you get past the initial negative reaction, you begin to realize that the machinima you are watching is much better than anything you could do yourself.


The first thing that impressed me was the excellent likenesses of the characters.  It's been a long time since I watched "The Sopranos" but Tony, Paulie, Silvio and many others were outstanding caricatures of the original character.  The music was excellent for mood setting.  The only  place where the music was intrusive was during early conversational scenes.  Loud music with lyrics over dialogue was a little confusing to this viewer, even though the dialogue was in the form of sub titles.  One exception to this was the sound of Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra singing softly in background.  It was a perfect fit along with the other instrumental Italian musical themes.  This bothered me less as I went along, I guess I got used to it.


The story develops slowly at first, then the tension begins to build.  (Spoiler Alert) I was shocked when A.J. appeared to be gunned down early on in the first episode, but it turned out he was not dead.  That was a relief.  You can't kill off a recurring character early in the series!


I have no problem with subtitles instead of voice acting, but it would have been better if the characters lips were moving when they were supposed to be speaking.   One trick I have tried is using my own voice to lip sync the characters, then shoot the film with the volume turned to zero.  The lips still move but my bad voice acting is not heard.  It appeared to me that in some scenes in episode 1, the lips were moving, but not as a rule.  I suppose the reason I like sub titles is because I have a hearing loss of about 30 decibels, so I appreciate them.  I watch a lot of foreign movies because they always have subtitles which in my opinion are better than closed captions because they usually include annoying descriptive information like (soft music playing in background...) ....but I digress.


A lot of awesome mods were used in the production of this epic, there was some very creative camera work and cuts,  and it makes me want to know how it was all put together.   I would certainly watch a video called "The Making of Animated Sopranos."


I was puzzled about the fact that the aspect ratio was out of whack.  The horizontal stretching makes the characters look fatter and the boobs look bigger, so perhaps that was intentional. Or could it have been an unintentional effect of Youtube's video processing software?  I remember when high definition TV first came out, I used to see that effect a lot on TV's in public places like airports.  It does not bother some people, I have noticed, but it does bother me.  When I was in college, one evening I went to see the re-release of Fantasia (original release: 1940) because I considered it a cultural event that I owed to myself (when I told my roommate where I was going he said, "Only wimps and little girls go to see that!").  When the movie started,  I was annoyed that they had chosen to horizontally stretch the old academy format (1.375:1) image to fill the newer Cinemascope screens (2.66:1).


Worthy of note: The closing theme of Episode 4 gave me chills.  It was Baba O'Riley, by The Who.  It always gives me chills


I found the ending both satisfying and moving.  This series is worth watching.

#3 Rocco



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Posted 13 January 2021 - 07:42 AM

"Walt fuckin Whitman ova here"  - Tony Soprano




Thank you for watching


Was originally shot in 2014


This past Xmas I got the itch to fix dialog (after watching the sopranos again for the 20th time), add sound effects for everything, change the music, and record each episode in fraps (60gig files each), then take into sony vegas 16 and crop/colorize and upload them into 1 gig files 


I spent a few weeks posting on Voice Actor sites but for the Sopranos the voices have to match so I realized better not to wait "if it happens it happens"


Great idea on moving the lips with muted dialog...if ever get another itch to fix them I'll do that next time.


Currently re-mastering my LAWMAN 1-4 series...and I'll use your lip trick.

#4 lefty2000


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Posted 13 January 2021 - 04:40 PM

"I exist as I am.  That is enough." -- Walt fuckin' Whitman


Too bad about Dr. Amalfi.  She was set up, in my opinion.  And those FBI dudes remind me of what Mickey Herskowitz said of a former edition of the Houston Astros.  "They play just good enough to lose."

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