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Voices! Voices! Voices!

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#1 sisch


    on my second life

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Posted 09 August 2008 - 08:32 PM

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So... you've written a script.
You've put a lot of time and energy into it and the characters whose story you're telling... so now you need.... Voices!

As a director and scriptwriter, I feel one of the greatest joys of machinima making is listening to the voice actors bringing your characters to life. Even though you direct them, they always bring a personal spin to the role, which, in the ideal case, gives the character and the story even more depths.

This thread is for all those who would like to offer their voices to the community; to give a short description of their voice, their range, the characters they like to play, their preferred method to get into contact with them, and, if possible, to either upload a sample file or post a link to movies they've acted in.

Please don't post your requests in this thread!
And always remember - we all do this for fun, in our free time, so if you contact someone, be civil, give extensive details of your project - for most of us, that would be the full script plus character description and links to your previous movies - and react gracefully if you get a "No" - every voice actor has a right to choose her/his roles!

And now... good luck with the search for Voices!

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#2 sisch


    on my second life

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Posted 09 August 2008 - 08:57 PM

Name: sisch
Gender: female
Voice description: rather deep voice -native language
is german, so expect an accent!
Can do a believable russian and
french accent, too.
Preferred roles: anything that challenges me - and I like
diversity! I've played villains, hysterical
housewifes, sexy ladies, even monsters...
contact me: via pm

I'm picky about my roles - please give me
as much information as possible, and
don't expect me to act for a movie
you half-heartedly threw together
in two hours!

Dark Obsession;Nothing

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#3 Dulci


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Posted 10 August 2008 - 05:14 PM

I strongly recommend that anyone approaching voice actors review this article on recruiting voice actors: Recruiting Voice Actors

Name: dulci
Gender: female
Voice description: midwest american. I'm usually described as sweet, innocent, melancholy, melodious.
Preferred roles: I'm interested in playing well-defined characters that intrigue me. My least favorite role is the love interest of the leading man. I like to test my boundaries. Challenge me. I work with directors who impress me.
contact me: via pm on this forum. I usually take a few days to consider each role, so please don't expect an immediate response.

additional: I don't respond to requests that read like this "I need a girl in my movie. Are you a girl?" It takes me a while to finish my lines, so if you're in a rush I'm not a good choice. I've had some bad experiences, can you tell? :P I want your movie to be successful, so if I don't think I'm right for a role, I'll be honest about it.

Links: Roles in other studio's movies *** My movies

#4 Dulci


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Posted 15 August 2008 - 03:34 PM

It's amazing how any of our movies ever get made with only 2 VA's to choose from!

#5 Ellis07


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Posted 15 August 2008 - 03:38 PM

Name: Ellis (Ellis07)
Gender: Male
Voice Discription: I have a British voice. I haven't got a local accent, having been living all round England, so basically it's purely British - but not posh. There's also an element of deepness in my voice as well. I can try all sort of accents for instance cockney, American, Scottish. Don't ask me to do Austraila, I've been practising for years and I haven't made any improvement.
Preferred Role: I like ranging my roles. I have done alot of 'scum' roles in stage performances, so I am experienced. Gangsta' roles, I do
enjoy as well. I've always had the 'smaller' role in voice acting. So, I would like to expand into bigger roles.
Contact me PM on these forums would be suitable. I do have skype and msn, so ask if you want it.

Additional: I'm not too picky. However I don't say 'yes' to anything. It must have my attention. Rushed movies don't interest me. Making a movie in a longer duration would probably catch my interest better.

Link: http://www.movies.li...om/movie/151300 - Infested Part 1

http://www.movies.li...om/movie/151309 - Tale of Death Part 2 Trailer

http://movies.lionhe.../studio/Ellis07 - My movies

#6 Nugget


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Posted 15 August 2008 - 03:46 PM

Name: Nugget
Gender: Male
Voice Description:Varied. Despite that I'm 17, it's still a little on the teenage lilty-scale, but unlike when I started The Movies (age 14) it doesn't sound like it's been edited if you do fiddle with it. I can 'play' with my voice to an extent, but I can't do believeable accents. So I'm probably more suited to comedic voices.
Preferred Roles: Well I'm not exactly an established VA, so I'd probably pick anything right about now. Just don't expect "perfectly" clear results. :P
Contact PM on here.

Additional: Like most people on here I don't really go for movies that aren't interesting, or don't evoke the right emotion I'd feel. Especially comedy, if it doesn't make me laugh, I won't be voicing that rubber chicken!

Links: Are a little worthless, as the only voices I've done were years ago. >.< So I'm a lucky dip until someone finally picks me!

University of Gloucestershire, 2012 - Digital Film Production Student

#7 Ken White

Ken White

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Posted 15 August 2008 - 05:40 PM

Name: Looks to the left and figure it out
Gender: Male
Voice Description:I have a range that goes from A to B - I usually get authoritarian roles (cops, soldiers, newsreaders), though I've done others with mixed success - see Marine's "Let's Kill The Sheriff" , a film JazzX described as "well up its own TMO arse" - he also didn't like my dodgy Chinese accent, but clearly he never saw Bonanza and the Cartwright's Chinese cook, Hop Sing.
Preferred Roles: Being on the Voice Acting D list, I don't decline a lot of parts, since I assume that you've probably had many of turndowns before you finally said "Okay, I guess I could always ask Ken". On the other hand, if I'm too busy, I'll tell you no. I also need a firm deadline and the occasional cattle prod up the ol' kazoo to make sure I get you your lines on time. And I offer a "money back if not delighted guarantee"!
Contact PM on here or email me or Skype me or find me at Cheeseburgers & More on Sunday nights - I'll be the guy with a burger in one hand and a glass of beer in the other.


#8 SnakeEater42


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Posted 17 August 2008 - 05:39 PM

Name: SnakeEater42
Gender: Male
Voice description: Well, I can do many types of accents as well as age types. I have a very good mafia voice and have been in many Mafia related movies. I also am good with almost all genres. Sometimes I can do girl voices (mainly for comedies). To hear a better example of my voice take a look at some of the movies I've been in, or ask me for a
Preffered Roles: I really like anything mafia related. But most of the time I will take any role I'm given. Short, long, medium it doesn't matter, but if I'm too busy I won't take it. Just let me know.
Contact Me: You can PM me, skype me (skype id= SnakeEater42) or email me: mandilyn4@tds.net
Additional: I will not cuss, ever in a movie. I may be able to edit the lines in the movie to take out the cussing of the character you want me to play but I will not under any circumstances cuss.

Links: Movies I've been in on TMU Movies I've been in on TMO (look in bookmarked movies)

#9 Uber


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Posted 18 August 2008 - 10:19 AM

Name: Uber, Ubernewbie, Ubes
Gender: Mere Male
Voice description: Deep and accented. I can do a partial english and american accent; enough to sound different. But I am australian, so don't cast me as a russian or something.
Prefered Roles: Supporting roles. I'm not good enough to have a main role. And military, gritty tough guy killer roles are best suited to me. And i will ad-lib a bit to make it fit if i think it needs it.
Contact: Pm here, Pm at TMO, PM at TMU, Ubernewbie on skype, you'll get my email then.

Additional: I am more commonly know as The Major from my enigma series. But i played the weapons officer in Spaceman's JUPITER movie, the marine sergeant in Chris62's Galaxy at War series. And dozens of minor roles across TMO.
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#10 Realitycheck513


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Posted 21 August 2008 - 09:43 PM


Voice Description:A Gruff Gritty voice,Here checkout some of my Movies 2 check my voice http://www.tmundergr...Realitycheck513

Preferred Roles:Doesn't really matter to me as long as the script is Solid
Contact PM on here or Tmu or Email me Nassau200724@yahoo.com

On Saturday I will have a hi quality Microphone just so you'll know

#11 Benjamin Tuttle

Benjamin Tuttle

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Posted 31 August 2008 - 12:49 AM

Name: BenTuttle90
Gender: Male
Voice Description: Hard to say....not much of an accent..16-21 age roles more suitable, although I do change my voice in Audacity..
Prefered Roles :Mostly anything...Small roles are easier..I can do any roles...
Contact: Skype or PM me.
Additional: Not really picky...Be patient...Takes me a while to rehearse and preform the lines..then fix them up with Audacity..Recently got a new Skype headset mic...Found it at a local Wal-Mart for $15..works well...
I just started voiceacting, so I am still getting the hang of it

Past Roles

"Journey of a Lifetime Trailer" by hippieking-Narrator
"Corrupted" by shyshy & deeb- Soldier 1

Other roles execpt for The Movies
("The Office" Reanctment Skit-Dwight K. Schrute)

Moderator, Blender User, iClone filmmaker, and overall OCD guy at set dressing.

#12 Howitzer


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Posted 19 September 2008 - 12:33 PM

(Now updated from 2008 original to 2016!)

Name: Howie

Gender: Male

Voice description:
I have quite a mid-higher pitch voice for a -/+ 30yo male. I'd say I sound younger than I am.

Natural accent is from southern England (London). Happy to give others a go.


I love to try and put on voices but they tend to be comedic - suggest my natural for more serious roles.

Preferred roles:

I don't really have a preference to be honest. I'll take in pretty much anything I like the sound of :)
I love roles that challenge me to try something new - and I'm always happy for directorial feedback to amend lines where necessary.


My American accent is not very believable, so I'm afraid Westerns are out for me unless I play a foreigner or it's a comedy!

Contact me: By PM here!


You can hear my natural speaking voice on my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/HowitzerBug

I can change it significantly for acting roles though - happy to send audition lines :)

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#13 Donekardio


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Posted 21 September 2008 - 09:02 AM

Name:John Green(Donekardio)


Voice:A little deep and perfect for satan voise

Preferred roles:anyone and perfect for satan roles

Contact me:PM me here or email me or skype me

Additional:I am busy because of my work but you will find me at the weekends!

Links:I am writing scripts for my movies,i haven't got movies and i am not in anyone's movie so i want to be in one.

Thank you:balloon:

Meh these damn computers:cursing:

#14 Orky


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Posted 11 October 2008 - 03:03 AM

Name: Nile Zam Jones (OD-Ork-Boy/Orky)

Gender: Male

Voice description: About as diverse as you'd like it, from the most deep, gritty and booming to the most high-pitched, timid and childish, and a lot in-between. I'm American accented but can do a somewhat convincing Russian/Eastern European accent (best for small roles only) and can do a perfectly believable "Southerner" voice (Aka, cowboy accent).

Preferred roles: Characters whose purposes and goals are somewhat a mystery, and who cannot be classed as "good" nor "bad" but rather somewhere in between. I don't mind playing leads or extras, but I generally find I'm better at playing supporting or secondary characters. It's a plus if the character is a mafia-type, and I'm far more willing to play the role if it's a developed one.

Contact me: Pm me here or on TMO, or E-mail me at Jawa_man@hotmail.com.

Additional: Will only accept a role in a movie with a full script. Give me some time and don't be afraid to give me a reminder every now and then.


Theory of The Heart (as The Mystery Man): http://www.tmundergr...ry-of-the-Heart

The Deed of Midnight - Chapter One, Act one (As General Sin): http://movies.lionhe...om/movie/138489

Phantoms (As Frank Bishop): http://movies.lionhe...om/movie/143442

On The Sidewalk Bleeding (As Michael): http://movies.lionhe...om/movie/139684

The Lonely Piano (As Narrator): http://www.tmundergr...he-Lonely-Piano

Diagnosis Of Death (As Hawver): http://www.tmundergr...gnosis-of-Death

SCUM (As Darren Cole): http://www.tmundergr...5aa4e0a23b/SCUM

Conquest : Beginnings (As Scar Deathbringer): http://www.tmundergr...st-:-Beginnings

Hard Life (as Jo):http://www.tmundergr...484e5/Hard-Life

#15 rposhard


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Posted 11 October 2008 - 05:39 AM

Name: rposhard (aka RPO)

Range: I don't set limits -- I do a great many voices, especially in my own movies though I have appeared in a great many other movies. Basically, tell me what you're looking for and give me a few sample lines -- I'll record it for you and you can decide if it fits your needs or not. Although I am not a professional VA I do try to give professional quality -- which is my way of saying that good voice work takes time -- something you should bear in mind no matter who you work with. Don't give me a script and say "I need it in two days" -- it ain't gonna happen with me and is an unfair request to make of any VA that takes their voice work seriously.

Contact: You can contact me on Skype or by PM or my e-mail address: voiceguy1000@aol.com

Please note that I am generally not available in January, February and March as that is usually when I am running my "Ultimate TMOer" competition.
Posted ImageListen to CEREBUS THE AARDVARK Sundays on TMOA! Second Season scripts 100% complete! Check out the Casting Call Thread HERE!

#16 MBStudios


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Posted 21 November 2008 - 09:44 PM

Name: MB
Gender: Male
Voice description: I would describe my voice as being deep, with no particular accent. I can do many different voice pitches and might be able to pull off some accents.

Preferred Roles: I don't really have any preferred roles. If I like the script and story, I'll most likely do the film.

Contact Me: I can be contacted through a PM here or by Skype (mbstudios423).

Links: Haven't been in any movies, however I will send samples if requested.
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#17 mrbatchy



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Posted 28 November 2008 - 07:51 PM

Name: mrbatchy
Gender: Male
Voice Description: Multi-pitched, my normal voice is medium deep but can go very deep or very high. I can do many accents name them and I'll do them.
Preferred Roles: All, I'll do any role you ask and will do them in record time.
Contact: PM me, E-mail or MSN Messenger Chat.

#18 Mefune Akira

Mefune Akira

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Posted 02 December 2008 - 06:46 AM

Name: Mefune Akira
Gender: Male
Voice Description: Normal, high pitch, flamboyant, deep, rough, Spanish accent, old and young. My normal voice is American.
Preferred roles: Ill do just about anything if I believe in the writing.

Additional: I also will most likely pass on scripts thrown together. I prefer to read the entire script before committing to a project. .

Previous Roles:

King Kong (Jack)
Galaxy Force (Jackson, Captain, Crackerhater X, Admiral Snodgrass, Texas)

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#19 act3scene24


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Posted 13 December 2008 - 11:27 AM

Name: Jorge
Gender: Male

Voice description: Can't do deep voices well. My natural voice still pretty much sounds like it did when I was 17 years old (I'm 27 now). If you want to hear my natural voice, Antonio's character in my Faded Sunrise Teaser is pretty much it. I have an American accent and can do Mexican-American, Texan accent (from thick to subtle). I can do but am limited with African-American accents, South-Eastern American (Mississippi, Alabama, etc.).

Preferred Roles: Pretty much anything, I'm having a lot of fun and would be glad to participate in someone else's movie. Comedy, Drama I'd like to try it all.

Contact me: PM here, I'm almost always on. And when I'm not, I get an e-mail on my phone right away.

Additional: I've been cast as the lead in a new series. Episodes are 20 minutes long each, so if I happen to be too busy to accept a role, I'll be sure to let you know right away.

Links: My Movies.

#20 TheFlyingDuDe


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Posted 13 December 2008 - 12:15 PM

Name: TFD

Gender: Male

Voice description:
18 years old. German accent. Deep, rough, high pitched, melodramatic, dramatic.

Preferred roles:
Well I like every role that´s a challange. If you need a german accent Terminator/WW2 solider or just a student in his 20´s I´m in, as long as the writing is good. =)

Contact me:
By pm here on the forums or add me on skype (dreamingmonkey).

Got a lot of work lately, but if your script is worth it I´m going to take the time nessecary.

Haven´t performed in too many English films yet, and non of the ones I did record for was released. I got experience through "The Voice" competition and german voice acting thou.
If you want a sample line just ask for it in a pm.

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