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#21 pookashells


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Posted 13 December 2008 - 05:47 PM

Name: Pookashells
Gender: Male
Voice Description: American, normal, a little deep, slightly rough. I can do a British accent and that's about it.
Preferred roles: I like villainous roles. The kind of roles that make me stretch my performance even farther than I had before. However, I'll do anything with a good story, that makes the film stand out.

Additional: I'm not too good at acting scared. ;)

Previous Roles:

Affari 2
Hard Life (Older Robert)
Chicago Blood (Detective Miranda)
Capitol: Initiation (The Angel)

#22 Tie


    His Royal Tieness

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Posted 14 December 2008 - 02:53 PM

Name: Tie

Gender: Male

Birthday/Nationality: August 11 1989 - Denmark

Voice: My natural voice is the deeb voice of a young male adult. I have however always been fond of playing with my voice so I can go in many directions with it. If you want me to speak like Elmo or Herbert the Pervert (Family Guy) I can do that. Or if you want a dark and gritty psychopath with a deeb voice, I can do that too. Im also good at copying other people's voices and I've been doing impressions for years. Need Gollum, Yoda or the Joker (Heath Ledger or Mark Hamill) Im your man.

Prefered roles: I prefer comedies, horror and action but Im also very fond of dramatic/romantic roles. Im flexible so show me a good script and Im likely to sign on no matter the genre. I love to be the villian or anyone naaaasty but it really doesn't matter. Just tell me about the project and we take it from there. :)

Working habbits: Im always proffesional about what I do and I always seek to really deliver the goods. I take my time to get into the character and do everything I can to give a top notch performance. Im a dedicated guy who never walk out on a project once I've signed on. I don't mind working under direction but I find its greater to have free hands.

If you send me a script I will get to it as soon as I can, but I got a life too with a demanding education, chores and a job which could mean you'll have to wait a little. I will tell you when or if Im busy. If you're very impatient then I suggest you go for another guy.

Da Rules:

1: Be polite. I don't work with rude people.
2: Have a little patience. Don't expect me to voice your script as soon as I get it.
3: Please don't fill up my inbox with e-mail.
4: Credit me. :D

Contact: Send me a PM or a email


Previous work:

"A Place Called Arkham - Part I and II" (Directed by Endology) as Batman and The Joker.



Upcoming work:
Riddle Me This (Directed by Endology)

#23 goofparade


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Posted 28 December 2008 - 07:38 AM

Name: Goofparade

Gender:Male..sexy male

Prefered Roles: No specific preference, if you can work in a gimp in there, I won't complain.

Working Habits: I like to get drunk first then act out the parts into the microphone.
Then I use a nifty program called "De-Tox_Vox" to make it all sound normal again.

Working Habits: I take the time that it takes to get the take.

Previous work:
"Dr Frankenstein Plastic Surgeon"--By BBM: DR. F, Hadji.
"Transience" by JosephKW---- Goverment agent(blond)
"The Intermediate" by Sisch--- Paul
"Saving Grace" by Sisch--Dylen
"Dark Tides" By JosephKW--Paul
"May Flowers" by Joseph Kw-- Bill
"Infested" by Rysto--- father
"XIV-XXI" By Trewill 7--- Marcus
"The Many Loves of Caviar Bellasante" By The Biz--Caviar
"Distance" by Delrious Studios--- the man
"Dark Obsession" by Sisch--- Landlord
" Odessey" by Killian--Capt Mark Ryan
"UnSub" by Another new Dawn---Ralph
"Sola Fide" by Jase180---Archangel Micheal
"King Kong" by Pookashells--- Carl Denham
"Team X" by Johnny X----Brother Grim
"It's a Bloody Wonderful Life"-by Bud Bundy's Mullet- I play everyone but Sam
"Dog Collar Seizure" by Tsunamidog---dog buyer
"The Deed of Midnight-Trewill7--Soloman and The Voice
"The Conquest Project" Com. Leonard Ashe,first officer
"The Soldier" by Ralfduran--The Soldier
"Extinguished" by JosephKW-- Engineer
"Machine Head" by Bongoman--John Talow
"Slaughterville" by Yamimarik--Police Chief and 2 others
"Starship Kawk" by Riott 007----Ace
"The Man who Wanted to Sneeze"by TR3-Tv guy and Landlord
"The Hitman Strikes"- by Sparky1512--Douglas and Hitman
"Clean" by Bezzer36--Muldoon the fat pig
"Alletheo Fall of a King" by Ichthus--General Guarrus
"Requiem" by Postmordernchuck----professor
" Belly of the Beast" by Bongoman--lead male
The Morning After" by Sparky1512--Bernie the castaway
"Mars" by Yodabob-- Commander Tyler
"One Last Breath" by Sparky 1512--Burkette the bad cop
"Super Duper Uber Galaxy Force--by MefuneAkira-alien Cpt
"Panic Radio" by Babar 23--- Renee the singing caller
"Stir 4" by Another New Dawn--- TV guy Hannity
"Life through an Eye" by Ralphduran--John and Narrator
"The Passage" by JosephKw-- episode 2 and 3 Cap Hagen
" A Christmas Tale" by Tsunamidog-- crawling corpse
"Phantoms" by Od-OrkBoy---Mr.Sinchex
"Enigma" By Ubernewbie--- C.A.G. (flight commander)
"WhiteFish" by The Biz---Devil
"Kayna" by Rik Vargard--Inspector 72 and dying man
"Yodabob shack of Horrors" by Yodabob--young prof.(3rd)

"Incident at Oak Ridge" by Nayazu---Kim
"the adv. of Sam and Woody" by the great6HM--- Woody
"O the Ocean" by The Biz---leach and president
"Ascenscion" by Tarison-- Tohvel and King Aram
"Crossed" by Rik-Vargard--- Diamond Merchant
"Tomorow's Past" by Nightfire 101--Lead male & Narrator
"Conflicting" by The Flying Dude--Mike and John
"On the highway with Yahweh"--thebiz--John Steinbrick
"An eye for an Eye 4"Amabeginzordawg-narator and sadist'
"Tainted Souls"by Jameseva--Dr Warner
"Perriers 1944" by David www--Colonel and Captain
"Masterverk" by Ralphduran-- TV mogul and Narrator
"Ride The Rent" by The Biz--Bartender
"Hangman" by Mustachio26--lead male
"Fall of the Dead" by Scotish guy-- David
"Hadean" by JosephKW-- Com. Daniels
"Cold" by Dulci---Frank
"Bombshelter" by Jase180--TVproducer,news anchor,Captain
"A Darker Place" by Bezzer-- Senator Bailey
"Kayna Part2" Knight and Inspector 72
"Gamma Force" by Cruise 170 ---Commander
"USN Jupiter: EP 1 by Spaceman 72-- Com.Yagami
"Bill Dixon Motors" by me
"hammerhead" by my band the ArseTones dir. by me

I did the musical score for "Periers 1944" by DavidWWW
Opening theme for Eobags "who wants to be a VCillionaire"
OPening music for Master 007
Performed the vocal song in Babar's 23 "panic Radio"
Sang "the goold old Rebel" for Trewil's "deed of Midnight
Music for "Bill Dixon Motors"
and "Hammerhead" by Goofparade
Theme for Sir Fartsalot--teh Poptart Kid
Opening and background music for "Incident at Oak Ridge" by Nayazu

You can PM me here,



#24 Johnny Ex

Johnny Ex


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Posted 04 January 2009 - 01:28 AM

Well if you've gone past Goofparade, you've gone too far. But here goes...
NAME: JohnnyEx
NATIONALITY: American:42:
PREFERRED ROLES: News guys, Narrator, Heroes/Villains, Street folk, Intellectuals, Retards, Dads, Soldiers, Doctors, Drunks, Cops, Surfers, Hippies and Thugs. And I'm open-minded to other shit.
TEAM X and TEAM X ADVENTURES (and spinoffs) as Johnny X by: me
Dr. Mezmeros House Of Henchmen ( and spinoffs) as: Dr. Mezmero and the Henchmen. All by : me
A Letter From Home as: Soldiers Father, by: SnakeEater42
Rise and fall of the Obvious as: Johnny X by: SnakeEater42
Drake season 1 episode 2 as: Crazy Guy by: Active Studios
Galaxy at War the Nightmare is True as: the Admiral by: Chris62
Shark Attack 2 as: Surfer by: Chris62
The DEAD as: News anchor by: Chris62
Upcoming films Ill be in, are by such directors as; AB Films, MoonlightPictures, TsunamiDog, Active Studios, Chris62 and maybe Killian.
I know Ive forgotten some stuff but I'm almost 40 so my memory isnt as good as it once was. :33:
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#25 JennyN


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Posted 13 January 2009 - 08:29 PM

Name: JennyN
Gender: Female
Voice description: I have an American voice. I can speak English as well as fluent Japanese.
Preferred roles: I like doing all types of characters.
Contact me: Via pm or ask Johnny (Mefune) on Skype.

Additional: Its LMAO Studios policy that we look over the entire script before commit to any role, other than that, I look forward to working with you.

Previous Roles: Jesus vs Easter, The Courage Within Series, Around Noon, Super Duper Uber GALAxY FORCE, Jokes Come Alive Vol.1 and Asul

Unreleased Roles: November by Pookashells & God We Play by Sparky and Rain by Mefune Akira

Have fun! :thumbup:

#26 JazzX



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Posted 14 January 2009 - 01:45 AM


GENDER: Dangly bits between the legs

VOICE: My more successful roles have been with a UK English or Scottish accent, but I'm always willing to try out new voices and accents

PREFERRED ROLES: If I like the character and/or the script I'll try anything.

WAY OF WORKING: I generally don't do auditions unless I know the film has a significant chance of being completed.

If I do jump in for an audition it will be because some background about the audition lines has been given, so "I need someone to play Admiral Gumbo - your audition line is 'I know Jack.'" just isn't good enough. I prefer to audition with a complete section of the script (or something else substantial).

I will correct any lines that don't sound right or don't fit the character as I go along - I'm also prone to improvising if I think it helps the script, but I'll usually always give a "safe" take as well which stays close to the given material.


"5 Stars (Music Video)" by JazzX:
Marco Queso (Lead - singing performance)

"URBAN WARRIOR: The Beginning" by JazzX
Pianoman/Urban Warrior (Lead)

"Scramble" by PostmodernChuck
Allan Dellar (Lead)

"Instinct" by Throwaxe
Jeff (Lead)

"Tears of a Pale Moon" by Wackyal3000
Captain Clarke (Support)

"For My Fellow Soldier" by Rileyman
Lance (Lead)
Sgt. Norfolk (Support)

"Phantoms"/"Sorrows of the Spy" by Od-Ork-Boy (Orky)
Emperor Jonathan Ferguson (Support)
Drunk (Support)

"The Dead Cases" by Jase180
Book (Support)

"The Passage" by josephkw
Jazz (Support)

"Interstellar Odyssey" by nukester

"Cleopatra" by MGMKid
Emperor Octavian (Support)

"Hector & Dale" by jjnelson
Hector (Lead)

"Super Duper Uber Galaxy Force" by MefuneAkira
Admiral Snodgrass (Support)

"The God Illusion" by JazzX
Professor Richard Lawkins (Lead)

"One Night at the Blue Note" by Nayazu
Assassin (Support)

"Gamma Force: Operation Liberty" by Cruise1970
Shawn 'Snakeye' Grease (Joint Lead)

"A Very British Sketch Show" by Sparky
Dating Nerd (Support)
Stupid British Policeman (Support)
Annoyed Bank Customer (Support)

"The JazzX Birthday Message" by JazzX
King Jazz I (Lead)

"Ode to a Haggis" by JazzX/Robert Burns

"Mascot (Trailer)" by JazzX
Mystery Man (Support)

In Production:

"How to Live Forever" by MBStudios
Dr John Kirby (Lead)

"Ian Fleming's James Bond in 'End Game'" by TFoster
Q (Support)

"Fakes 7: Negotiation" by JazzX
Eyvon (Joint Lead)
Torrent (Joint Lead - subject to change)
RoBuck (Support - subject to change)
B.O.R.A.C.K. (Support - subject to change)

"The God Illusion: The Morality of Faith" by JazzX
Professor Richard Lawkins (Lead)
Glasgow Rangers Hooligan (Support - subject to change)
The Voice of God (Support - subject to change)

#27 Toshiro Akira

Toshiro Akira

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Posted 17 January 2009 - 01:23 AM

Name: ToshiroAkira

Gender: boy

Voice description: American Teenager,

Preferred roles: Anything really, for right now I prefer to have smallish roles.

Contact me: Skype, Yahoo Messenger, or Pm

Additional: Its LMAO Studios policy that we look over the entire script before committing to any role, other than that, I can't wait to start working with you!

#28 mrbatchy



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Posted 18 January 2009 - 04:06 PM

Name: mrbatchy
Real Name: John Batchelor (Preferred to be credited as)
Gender: Male
Voice description: Medium Pitch (Interchangeable pitches) Welsh accent.
List of accents: Welsh (and Barry: What's occuring?), English (all dialects), Scottish, American, Irish, German, French, Russian)
Preferred roles: I am now a dedicated voice actor and will try anything.)
Age: 17

#29 macwemyss


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Posted 26 January 2009 - 02:11 PM

Ok I suppose I'll put myself on here.

Name: Macwemyss
Real Name: Edan Mackenzie
Gender: Male
Preferred Roles: Anything really, as long as I think I'm capable of doing the part.
Personal Preferences: I will very rarely swear in your movie and would prefer not to have to sing (although my voice isn't too bad). Shouting I'm fine with but not too loud. I usually take a while to do VOs due to limited computer access, e.g. 2-3 weeks. I like to see a full script so I can get to know the character but it's ok if I don't.
Accent/Pitch: I can do most accents pretty well and I can change my pitch from very high to moderately low (will probably get increasingly lower as I get older lol :laugh:)

Previous appearances:

Big TMOer Episodes 1 and 2 by Asaoleary123 - as myself.
Blood of the Fallen by Baskit Studios - as Phil / Private Somms.
The Man in the Cheap Suit by me - as The Boss, Matthew McGraw, Charlie Jenkins, John Hubblesworth, Voodoo Man/Woman Hybrid and The Janitor.

Future appearances:

Farce of the Zombies by BenTuttle90 - as The Jogger and Zombie Character 7.
War of the Worlds by Killian and Chris62 - as Russian Bomber Pilot.
Wang the Sushi Guy by Baskit Studios - as Newsguy.
Conquest: On Another Planet by Baskit Studios - as Guard.
Big TMOer Episode 3 by Asaoleary123 - as myself.

You can contact me via PM here or by e-mail at macwemyss@live.co.uk. I can also by contacted via skype at macwemyss08 but bear in mind I am only on skype every 3-4 weeks so I may not reply to you for a while. I will definitely reply though and, for the moment will accept any role offered as long as it fits my guidelines :wink:
"Mac is a super-talented frickin genius" - Chris62

#30 Bella


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Posted 27 January 2009 - 02:22 AM

Name: Bella

Gender: Female

Voice description: My natural voice is a medium tone, and soft. I have an American accent.

Preferred roles: Anything interesting, I do have fun playing the bad guy. =D

Contact: Best way is by email ( Nanaki6@hotmail.com) I check it everyday.

Additional: You can check out my voice demo and previous projects I've been in, on my You Tube page at the following link:


#31 josephkw


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Posted 06 February 2009 - 06:37 AM

Name: JosephKw

Gender: Male

Voice description:
I've done a range of male roles from an old villainous man, a harmless senile old man, to a young twenties male. I tried a transgendered female voice once, but my audition was rejected immediately (in other words don't offer me a female role). Accent: American and Asian American.

Preferred roles:
I'll take any small role. For larger roles I'll need to check out the entire script. Other than that, I'm game for anything.

Contact me:
By pm here on the forums or add me on skype (josephkw_productions).

#32 fospherous


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Posted 16 February 2009 - 08:35 PM

NAME: TFoster


VOICE: I'm british so the best roles for me are British, But I can do American too, I think?...Australian...kind of, Russian sounding and some others, High and low...Blah, blah, blah!

WAY OF WORKING: I sometimes audition for movies if I wish to be a part of that particular movie, I pretty much accept any role and it's on very few occasions when I say no, and please don't ask me to be in a movie and then ask for a audition, you asked me to be in it so you must know what I sound like.



Conquest: Beginnings
Terra 1

Memoirs of Meuse River
Cameo Appearance


Terror Tales Two
Abusive Husband

The Diamond Smuggler
The Secretary/George

The American Dream
Paulie Ferrante

Sir Fartsalot
Sir Farsalot

Big TMUer 2008

Galaxy at War
Numerous Roles

Action: The Movie

Blood of The Fallen
Sergeant Johnson

Conquest: On Another Planet
Michael Burton

Shark Attack 2
Hotel Manager

Wang The Sushi Guy

Young Money
Chief Edmonds

HG Well's War of The Worlds
Tank Commander

Conquest: Daedalus - Part 6
Lance Corporal Foster

Tom Foster

Batman: I Never Miss
David Mitchell

Contact Details:

Skype - tfoster_tmo
Email - foster.films@hotmail.com
or PM on the TMU Forums

#33 Jake


    Rapid Fire Studios Writer

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Posted 19 February 2009 - 10:24 PM

Name: jakechief

Gender: Male

Voice: A youngish kind, someone in teens to twenties.:drool:

Contact: PM me.


#34 snowfender


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Posted 16 March 2009 - 11:57 PM

Name: snowfender

Gender: Female

Voice Range: Young girl to adult female, sometimes young boys xD

Demos: Second Reel
First Reel
Random Reel

Resume: www.freewebs.com/snowfender

Contact: PM me and we can go from there! =) i do have skype and MSN also. i love voice acting, so please contact me! i am open to trying any new voices at all.

Edited by snowfender, 17 March 2009 - 12:10 AM.

#35 Dulci


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Posted 17 March 2009 - 12:44 AM

Welcome to TMU Snowfender. Great demo reels! I suspect you'll find the directors here keep you very busy....


#36 BlazeLeeDragon


    One Man Cast

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Posted 27 March 2009 - 07:04 AM

Name: BlazeLeeDragon

Gender: Male

Voice Description: middle tone, natural voice is of an american accent. I have a wide range of tones, accents and pitches. I can do deep and low, high pitched and squeeky, I can do old voices, and young voices, gruff or soft. I can do Italian accents, russian/germain, irish/scottish, and brittish accents, southern, western, street, asian somewhat...

Prefered roles: Any! I just love to voice act

Soft wear and mic: I have a USB port 20 dollar head set with noise filter. I usally use audacity.

What it's like to work with me: I'm very easy going and have no problem with retakes, it's your movie lets get it as perfect as we can shall we? I usally try to do my voice acting on weekends, and tend to do streight shots through the entire script. the more character back ground and direction you give me the better I can fit your character...
I've done multiple roles in movies before, with most unble to tell it's the same person voicing the roles...I have no problem doing this in the future either...

13 - by BlazeLeeDragon
Pete Calloway
Bob Bartley
Tom Edwards

Apathetic Priest - by BlazeLeeDragon
All male voices

The Wizard's Apprentice - by BlazeLeeDragon
Master Dragon

The Wizard's Apprentice, Apprentice no more - by BlazeLeeDragon
Master Dragon

Mafia: Legend of the Red Warrior - by BlazeLeeDragon
most of the male voices including..
Triad Boss
The Red Warrior
The Hitman
The Master

Blind - by Shyshy

Capital Initiation - by Alex Bradley (I think)
Father (can't remeber his name but the bald priest guy)
I voiced them in the first and second one, though I wasn't able to get a copy of the second one, so i have no idea the names...

EDS Destiny - by CaptionStrider
Aiden Mcdonald

Phantoms - by ODD-Ork-Boy (I think)
Caption Johan Kelmeraz

Empty Wallz - by (cant' remeber)
The General

Jay Adams - A Detective story by (can't remeber who)
Jay Adams

Ninjutsu Sun theatrical trailer - by (can't remeber)

Prelude to Evil 1 Promo 2 by (can't remeber but the same as ninjutsu sun)
Kane Devlon

Pressure - by QTigger
Rudy (this role made me known by most on TMO)

The Deed of Midnight Chapter 1 Act 1&2 by Trewill7
The Drifter
Mustang Black
(these roles here truely show what I can do, many to this day dont' believe that I spoke for all four roles since they sound like completely different people)

Trailer for spys of ambition - by ODD-Ork-Boy
Caption Johan Kelmeraz

these are the only roles I still have saved, I think I've had a few others, but dont' remeber them and don't have them saved...

#37 RobinHat


    Duckweed Entertainment

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Posted 27 March 2009 - 07:53 AM

NAME: RobinHat


VOICE: I am a baritone singer so I have a wide range of voice tonation. I am British and I can do many dialects of English (including foreign dialects - Danish, German, Indian, American, Scottish, Irish, Russian, Japanese and others)

WAY OF WORKING: I like to be in almost anything and I always put a lot of feeling into the parts I play. I very rarely say no to a part. I usually record all my lines and send them off together and then let the film maker tell me if anything needs changing.


Smoke Me!
Heathcliff (Medium/high pitched American)
The Criminal (Deep, African-American gangster)

Mr. Finnigan (Deep, old Irish bastard)
The Reporter (High-pitched American young man)

Cliff & Clyde
Cliff (Medium, American)
Clyde (Deep, Scottish)

Attack of the LUMBERCHICKS
President Morris (Very high-pitched whiny American)
Private Brett (Medium American Southern)
Private Telly (Deep American Southern)
General McAllister (Deep old American Southern)

Attack of the LUMBERCHICKS - The Rise of RED TEAM
President Morris (Very high-pitched whiny American)
Private Brett (Medium American Southern)
Private Telly (Deep American Southern)
Cavendish (Raspy English upper-class)
Dr. American (High-pitched Dutch professor)

The War of the Worlds - Part 2
Russian Commander (Medium Russian)
Russian General 2 (Deep Russian)
Russian Soldier (High-pitched Russian)

#38 Acemaster


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Posted 28 March 2009 - 04:26 PM

Name: Acemaster
Gender: male
Voice description: Natural deep Northeastern USA accent. Can do California, southern, Russian, English. Cannot do Asian or German. ;-)
Preferred roles: Anything. Big or small, I'll do it all! I will do any content, including bad language.
Contact: Via PM here or on TMU.
Mic quality: Good
additional: I'm not picky. I will do any movie, any time.


None yet. I did several movies back on TMO, and I'm currently being casted for two studios here.

Edited by Acemaster, 28 March 2009 - 04:41 PM.

#39 EthanRunt


    The Last Living Zombie

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Posted 28 March 2009 - 04:45 PM

Alias: Ethan Runt

Innie or outie?: Male

Vocal Expulsions: English accent, 18 years of age, can do (Bad) American accent, (Even worse) German and French Accent, an (Especially bad) Russian accent, and shoddy English dialects.

Le Way Of The Workerui: PM me or skype me to talk, skype name ethanrunt.
I'm pretty accepting of work, and will usually get things done within the day if I'm not too busy. Sending mp3 audio tracks of all the lines, multiple takes of them for your choice, or singular line readings if you prefer.

Le resume de Ethan:
Every other week on TMOA radio fro normal voice.
Cleopatra Ptolemy
Humanus Crimen Insons Insontis Michael
Sir Fartsalot Episode 1 Chef Laffia
Sometimes you Die Twice Boris
Sitting On Top Of The World An E! True Story Narrator/Ethan Runt
Alas, most of my work has fallen from the TMO demise (Not that that's a bad thing at all)
Name: Ethan Runt
But you might also know me as The Lord Lady Mangold or Ronald Sierra McTubsicold.

#40 frosty_frost09



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Posted 28 March 2009 - 05:01 PM

Name: frosty_frost09
Gender: male
Voice description: 20 years old, mid range, southern accent (from Alabama)(never had to describe my own voice before).
Preferred roles: I'm not too picky about my roles. I usually like to see a bit of the script, so I can see for myself, if I like the character.

contact me:
  • PM
  • Skype (frosty_frost09)
  • E-mail (frosty_frost09@hotmail.com)
additional: Like I said, I'm not too picky about my roles. All I ask is that you give me as much information about the character, and movie as possible. It may take me a while to get lines in as I go to college five days a week, and work three.

Links: Camp Wars, A Diagnosis of Death,
Back on TMU. Will do VO's :)
My Blog is Back

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