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The Unknown Path Voice Actors and Voice Actresses wanted.

voice acting

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Posted 01 December 2012 - 06:35 PM

These are the parts available for my new movie The Unknown Path.
But first here is the Plot.
A girl Emily and her friend Vincent are horse riding through the forest one evening an activity they do everyday and have done for as long as they can recall but this time something is different. Emily notices a path in the forest that was never there. The two decide to investigate it and end up getting chased through the darkened forest by wolfs and are injured. The two wake up in an unfamiliar environment it turns out they are in a an Old Woman's Cottage who was walking her dog and found the two injured and unconscious and took them in to heal them. They find out that they are in crescent village a once great kingdom before it was conquered by a power hungry sorceress. They discover they are the travelers from the village legend who are destined to start a battle/ war to defeat the sorceress.
Okay here are the parts that you can audition for if you are interested tell me what movies you have voiced in and what type of impersonations and voices or accents you can do.
Emily: Emily is the 1st main protagonist and lead role. Emily knows nothing of her true parents she only knows that her real last name is Iceheart. Emily's best friend is Vincent the two have been best friends since they were 4 years old. Emily has feelings for Vincent but is afraid to tell him. Emily can use any weapon if given to her she is just skilled in weaponry.

Vincent: Vincent is the other main protagonist. Vincent is Brave and will do anything to make Emily happy. Deep down Vincent also has feelings for Emily, but is waiting for the right time to tell her. Vincent is skilled in using swords.

The Sorceress: The Sorceress is the main antagonist in The Unknown Path.Little is known about The Sorceress Except that she doesn't age anymore and stop aging at the age of 21. The Sorceress is power hungry and cold. She is very cruel and her magic is powerful and deadly. She took over the Kingdom 40 years ago, since then no one has had the courage to stand up to her.

Ms. Iceheart/Old Woman: Ms. Iceheart is an old woman who lives in a cottage in the middle of the forest
right next to the secret entrance to Crescent Village. She is a widow. Her husband was The captain of the Knights 20 years ago. Before her husbands death she became pregnant with his baby. He was executed after refusing to take orders and obey The Sorceress's orders. But he had a backup plan he built a cottage in the woods for her in case anything ever changed or went wrong. She was heartbroken and fled town and has been living in the cottage ever since. Shortly after her husbands death she gave birth and named The child Emily but gave her to a family member. Emily is her long lost daughter she regrets giving her daughter up.

Captain Of the Knights/Mr Iceheart: He is Emily's real father but unfortunately passed away before Emily could have met him. He is Ms. Iceheart's husband. He is only seen in a flashback.

The Sorceress's Knight: The sorceress's Knight is the sorceress's protector.

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