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Thread: 5th Annual Chris62 Halloween Fest/Contest 2013

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    Default 5th Annual Chris62 Halloween Fest/Contest 2013

    What: 5th Annual Chris62 Halloween Fest/Contest 2013

    When: October 31, 2013

    Where :


    Film Submission Rules

    1. Make Halloween/Horror themed movie (horror movie werewolves, vampires, monsters slashers, aliens and so on)
    2. This movie has to be created specifically for this year’s (2013) Halloween Fest.
    3. You must make an original poster for your entry.
    4. Films must be no longer than 20 minutes long.
    5. Must create a 30 sec film clip mp3 to be used on broadcast.

    Machinima and Live action films accepted.

    Deadline of submissions October 24, 2013 submit films here

    Poster Contest Submission Rules

    1. The film maker has to make the poster themselves.

    2. You must have a film in the contest to be eligible

    3. Posters must be 640x360 in proportion and resolution

    Deadline of submissions October 24, 2013

    The films will be show on October 31, 2013 (time TBA)
    at where the judges will review the films and give critique of each live.
    We ask that filmmakers be present for interview/review. Films must be kept private until after day of the
    Fest and will be uploaded on Indyshowcase .

    Please announce intention in joining the contest in this thread
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    I've got something tucked away for this Years Fest.

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    I have a script that would work really well for this. Or half a script I should say. But I'm not sure I'll have the time to craft the movie itself in time.
    Would anyone be interested?
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    I'm in.

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    Got me production all set up. Check it in the signature.

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    I sent the required files a week ago, and after submitting the form, I was notified that I'd get a confirmation by e-mail shortly. Since I haven't heard anything, I just wanted to make sure that the submission didn't get lost.
    I assume that I'll get an e-mail as soon as Kinte logs in to see it, is that correct?

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    Default Contest submission

    I'm definitely in to submit, only problem will be my availability that night, as I might be out of town. If anything changes, I will make it known. in the meantime, my submission is officially ready. Just needs to be uploaded.

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    Still no confirmation, so now it's going to be a thrill I guess - halloween-ish thrill

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    You're in it man!

    Check the schedule here. Looks like we'll be seeing yours at 6:45.

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