Please join us at​theater
Monday April 30, 2012 @ 8:00pm pst/11:00est 4:00uk

Right after the Wolf & Dulci Show

Indy Showcase Premier of "Order 7 0 2 Wolf N Exile " by WX_Ivan

plus " The Great Bug War" by Darth Angelus

Order 702.jpg
Order 7 0 2 Wolf N Exile E. O. S. S3 Ep3

Mission accomplished. Ivan and the remnant Faction crew enjoy the spoils from the secret base. Caine is very upset from all the setbacks caused by this "Ivan" mech pilot. Will Bohunter and the rest of WX take a hint and get ready for a fight? Will clan Black Scorpions help even more?

" The Great Bug War" by Darth Angelus

Bugs threaten the world of roleplay. Fantasy, scifi, steampunk and even zombie apocalpse must unite to fight this evil.

An epic tale made to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the RP Repository, this is a compilation of all seven parts with some additional scenes.