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    Default Indy Showcase Premier of Underpants Away! - Episode 3 - "Ewwww!" & Remember Me

    Eww remeber.jpg

    Please join us at
    Monday November 19, 2012 @ 8:00pm pst/11:00pm est4:00am uk

    Right after the Wolf-n-Dulci Show

    Underpants Away! - Episode 3.jpg
    Underpants Away! - Episode 3 - "Ewwww!" by BiggsTrek

    The "thrilling" conclusion to the Underpants Away! saga. Will Underpants Man overcome the evil below the waves? Will Thong Boy be useful? Will Dr Ferberger get a haircut? All will be revealed!

    Starring BiggsTrek, JetCityWoman, Sisch, Azuresama, Kuroken, Rjb2112, Fulkster, Josephkw, Nahton and a host of others (Well, that's the lot, really).

    Featuring music by Fulkster and BiggsTrek.

    Remember Me by chatnoirstudios.jpg

    Remember Me by chatnoirstudios

    After losing his loved one in a brutal case of rape-murder, David hopes to fulfill her dying wish with the help of Dr. Hendrix.

    Trepidation by evan peterson.jpg

    Trepidation by Evan Peterson

    A nightmarish look at the fears that burden us.

    Marie Forester is a young woman torn apart in fear by storms. She begins going to a psychotherapist, Dr. Martin Mahoney who is prepared to end his working life. Confused and exhausted, he begins to revisit an old colleague of his, Nora Byrne, who hypothesizes that Marie’s condition could be plagued by connotations and trepidation.
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